The founder of CARIN Zürich, Switzerland - the Carlovich Institute for High-Quality building materials and construction methodology in luxury residential projects. Useful, remarkable and worth seeking out. Work that makes the world better. We spend significantly more time consulting clients than anyone else thinks is reasonable. Trust is worth more than attention, and the purpose of the work is to create meaningful change. There is more to advising than just selling a property. As a serious advisor, we're here for you five, ten, twenty years and not just until the moment you pay us for the service provided. We help you to find a high-quality luxury property and with premium property management. We offer kindness and a family tradition since 1985 with Alen's leadership since 2015. The roots of the Carlovich company were planted in the 1920s thanks to Alen's nonna Klara. We're well known for having the most extensive civil engineering and architecture book library in Europe and beyond with more than 2450 titles. But, business without a greater purpose isn't useful. We're supporting nonprofits that bring mobile showers to the homeless in Berlin, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Melbourne, New York, Nashville and other cities.


Carlovich consultancy accepts six new clients per year

Since 1985, Carlovich is a centre of excellence for civil engineering knowledge, premium building materials, high-end property management and consulting in the field of luxury real estate. You'll be amazed by our meticulous procedures. We're building a world worth living in. We always have the two most important features with us: knowledge and kindness. Our goal is a satisfied customer, not a property sold.

The predecessor of Carlovich consultancy firm and its first civil engineering office was established in the 1920s in Opatija, Croatia. The name of the company was "Karlovic Inzenjerski Biro". In the 1980s, the company changed its name to "Carlovich Engineering Group", and the main area of work became luxury real estate consultancy. Since 2015, we are known as "Carlovich". We’ve seen what works. We’ve also seen what has failed. Our experiences allow us to create value for our clients by helping them find the path to better results, seeing around corners, avoiding common pitfalls and taking advantage of opportunities. Our situational knowledge creates value for our clients by helping them make decisions based on our experience. Nothing makes us more valuable than ideas. Resourcefulness is perhaps the greatest human attribute. Our ability to generate new ideas that help move our clients forward is valuable and it can easily differentiate us. What does luxury real estate mean? Our clients work so much and now they want to invest their money into something worthwhile, beautiful and into something they would be proud of. Into a house that they can convert to a home. They don't want to buy a low-quality property. Luxury real estate = elegance and style + high-quality construction + premium building materials + high-end property management with a personal consultancy approach. Craftsmanship is luxury. Real estate is a luxe when it's tailored for a few people. Luxury means exclusiveness. You definitely deserve luxury real estate. We're here to assist you during your journey toward a lovely home and after you establish a home. Why do we serve specific customers? Because they are demanding and they want high-quality real estate. We realised that we have so much knowledge and expertise to offer that we can't work with low demanding customers. If you serve one audience, you’ve let another down. One focus means that something else got ignored. If you create something scarce, someone won’t get their hands on it. The very act of creation means that it won’t be the ideal solution for everyone. The opportunity is to find someone to delight and to embrace the fact that someone is not everyone. Do you offer fairly average safe services to the great masses of the population? A little bit of everything for everybody, nothing that special or remarkable for anybody? Our goal is to be useful, remarkable and worth seeking out. Generous work that makes things better. You can either turn your operation into selling the regular kind, pandering to the middle, putting everything in exactly the category they hoped for and challenging no expectations. Or you can do the incredibly hard work of challenging expectations and seeking out the few people who want to experience something that matters, instead of something that’s merely safe. We spend significantly more time consulting customer than anyone else thinks is reasonable. This leads to an extraordinary outcome. Customers aren’t going to trust you because you asked them to. They’ll do it when they believe that you are one of the few people who can lean outside of the comfort zone and bring back something extraordinary. Are all luxurious properties indeed luxurious? Unfortunately not. That's why we're here to help you to choose. Can you purchase and maintain a luxury property without a luxury real estate consultant? Of course, you can. You will save and the chosen cheaper option usually later becomes the most expensive one, especially if you're a demanding customer. We cooperate just with the best architect, the best roofer and the best bricklayer. Why? Don't these people charge more for their services? Yes, they proudly do. If you're ready to cooperate with people who charge less for their services or you even think that you don't need their services - that's ok because maybe you aren't at that point in life yet to cherish what it means to cooperate with a person of wisdom, excellence and integrity. When you're more experienced you better understand the people, the values and the world around us. We need to build a better world together. We're always more than happy to pay more for the knowledge and trustworthiness. For a person that we can truly count on every day. Carlovich consultancy firm has high-quality and individual services. Why do we offer just personalized high-quality and costly service? Because we value our knowledge and our work. We invest in technology and education. Advising you regarding the luxurious property is a very responsible task.



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Min hourly fee: €2.250,00 + 20% VAT. Median hourly fee: €5.250,00 + 20% VAT. Max hourly fee: €25.250,00 + 20% VAT. Our hourly fee depends on work location and engineering complexity (on-site, hybrid or remote work; civil engineering and luxury real estate consultancy; digital twin; structure inspection; property management and maintenance; advanced construction and facility management technology utilisation; Carlovich Pulse service). Since 2011 we use CEBH Carlovich Effective Billing Hour and the billing unit is one minute. Carlovich Premium Care Club annual membership fee: €552.000,00 + 20% VAT. Carlovich Premium Care Club is the exclusive private club intended only for Carlovich clients with the invitation or you need to be recommended by a current member. Payment method: bank transfer. 20% UK VAT value added tax is charged where applicable. The advance payments are performed in phases. All expenses related to consultancy are separately billed. Feel free to contact us in your language. Mostly, our clients speak English, French, Italian and German language.

I'm currently living in Opatija, Croatia and Zürich, Switzerland. Variously known as the "Old Dame", the "Pearl of the Adriatic" or the "Queen of Tourism", Opatija is a remarkable seaside resort town with a long history of tourism stretching back to 1844. The old 14th-century Benedictine abbey, "Abbey of Saint Jacob", from which the town derives its name (Opatija means "abbey") is located in Saint James's Park. Civil Engineer, Construction Project Manager, Advanced Mathematics; Specialisation: Structural Engineering - Timber, Steel and Concrete Structures; Sub Specialisation: Organization, Technology and Project Management in Construction; NZEB nearly zero energy building and PEB positive energy building specialist; I've received a commendation for academic achievement in civil engineering and the 1st award for my graduate thesis "Optimal construction technology selection"; University professor in England and Switzerland: AI artificial intelligence and generative design in construction project planning, scheduling and monitoring; new technologies in the construction industry and high-quality building materials. I have completed an additional specialization in construction project management at Columbia University in the City of New York. In my career, I've worked with more than 150 premium building material manufacturers all around the world and have written 215 articles about civil engineering, construction technology and high-quality building materials. I'm interested in new construction technologies, geotechnics, soil mechanics, foundations, construction organization, timber and steel structures, project management, 7D planning, scientific research, urbanism and residential architecture. Usually, business websites are presented in an ideal way. But it's important to note that we're all humans, and we're all experiencing sad moments in life. These moments define us. When we share hard moments, people can easier connect with us because they know that we're genuine. I was struggling with speech problems during my childhood and unfortunately, my grandmother passed away on my birthday. I believe that all challenges in life you overcome, lead to a kinder and wiser person. A dedicated team is focused on offering milk paint in European Union. I've founded Milk Paint Boutique and introduced The Old Fashioned Milk Paint to the European market. Milk paint is the oldest organic building material for wood and interior walls. The modern organic milk paint is invented in 1974 by Charles Thibeau from Groton, Massachusetts. That's the reason we love the Boston area.

Selling and taking care of luxury real estate is too easy. We have a different approach based on civil engineering knowledge, kindness, experience and more than 35 years of tradition. These are Carlovich's scientific departments of excellence.

We usually advise our clients about the following construction systems, so they could choose a high-quality luxurious property. We also use this extensive civil engineering knowledge during the property management phase.

Mortars for leveling, gluing and reinforcement, polymer cement 1K and 2K waterproofing, reinforcing mesh, thermal insulation, EPS, XPS, stone and glass mineral wool, fasteners, gypsum plasterboard, sealants, impregnation, silicate, acrylic, mineral and silicone sealing tapes, grouts, floor coverings, RAL installation of windows and doors, epoxy floor systems, polyurea, crystal waterproofing, ecological building materials, mortars for removing organic volatile substances, retentions, drainage, geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites based on cork, adhesive for sanded bricks, grouting walls and foundations, underground garages and staircases, white ceiling and roof, anti-corrosion protection, dry and pumped concrete, waterproofing PVC and TPO membranes, polyurethane expanding prefabricated foam, grouting mortar, reinforcement protection, drying plasters, one-way woven carbon fiber fabric, anchoring injection, anchor and carbon fiber, chimneys, concrete maturity, polyurethane waterproofing, grouting pipe for waterproofing concrete joints, infiltration and retention blocks, foundation cushion, drains, channels, separators, installation walls, plug connection for multilayer composite crystallizing pipes, cement for waterproofing, crystallizing powder waterproofing system for concrete, positive and negative waterproofing, elasticizing synthetic dispersion for universal application in mortars, plasters, waterproofing coatings and concrete, concentrated synthetic solvent-free resin for capillary moisture interruption, hydro ethylene copolymer bitumen with glass reinforcing mesh, brick and aerated concrete, formwork systems and scaffolding, roof covering, thermal insulation elements, reinforcement, elastomeric bearings, dowels, non-return valves, water supply and drainage systems, lightning protection system, dry and wet hydrant network, concrete additives, superplasticizers, aerants, accelerators, retarders, paints for interior and exterior walls, repair geomort, microreinforcement fibers, capillary lifting repair, breathable mortars for plastering and repair, thermo-dehumidifying bio plaster with thermal cells, sound insulation, pits, masonry mortar, roof windows, expansion soil reinforcement with expansive resin, facade bricks, ceiling systems, flat and green roof, sprayed concrete for renovation, concrete care, seals for working and expansion joints, fire seals, FRP and FRCM system reinforcements, carbon, glass, aramid and basalt reinforcement fibers, pultruded carbon fiber strips for structural reinforcements, alkali-resistant mesh of s of fiberglass for textile reinforcement of plasters and mortars, bentonite or elastomer based swelling tapes, two-component resin for crack injection, foam concrete, self-compacting concrete, ceiling, wall and column formwork, hybrid lifting stations, pipe system with movable covers, aluminum reactive liquid hardener, suspended gypsum plasterboard systems, pipe systems for water supply and drainage, mineral, sulphate-resistant waterproofing system for sealing water under pressure, two-component injection liquid to create a horizontal barrier in the wall, fastening and consolidation of masonry structures

Choosing and maintaining luxury real estate in the 21st century is unthinkable without the assistance of innovative new technologies in civil engineering and architecture. Remember, you can buy an apartment or house, but never a home.

Due to the high quality of service and personal approach, we accept a limited number of new clients, usually six new clients per year. We don't sell real estate but we help you to choose the best one for you and to maintain the property. Often the best decision may be not to buy a property. Our honest advice will be useful to you. We aren't affiliated with property developers or real estate agents so we are neutral. We have extensive knowledge about every new luxury real estate project in the world.

We need a minimum of 8 hours to advise you regarding the selected luxurious property. Most often, clients hire us for consultations lasting 40 hours. So far, we have worked with clients for a maximum of 160 hours per client. We are here for you as long as it takes because it's not easy to purchase a high-quality property. We are with you in all phases of real estate selection with an emphasis on the quality, construction technology, interior design, location and building materials. We coordinate the construction if our clients want to build a luxury home from scratch. We're also specialised in luxury real estate maintenance during the building lifecycle. Someone will always find a way to offer lower prices, but it is a race to the bottom. The race to the top has more sense for us. We focus on quality and integrity. Customer loyalty is achieved through consistent service that generates trust. We compete on service and experience rather than price. It’s being distinct, leaving an impression on customers with each interaction. Low price is the last refuge for people who don’t have the patience to demonstrate value for those that need it. We've helped our clients to purchase a luxury property in various cities and countries: London, United Kingdom; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Opatija, Croatia; Moscow, Russia; Seoul, South Korea; Maldives; Los Angeles, California; New York; Boston, Massachusetts; San Francisco, California; Fremont, California; San Ramon, California; Bel Air, California; Chicago, Illinois; Stamford, Connecticut; Scottsdale, Arizona; Seychelles; Aarhus, Denmark; Nassau, The Bahamas; Santorini, Greece; Vancouver, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Singapore, Malaysia; Auckland, New Zealand; Hong Kong; Mumbai, India; Beijing, China; Paris, France; Cannes, France; Marseille, France; Monaco; Madrid, Spain; St. Moritz, Switzerland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Sydney, Australia; Canberra, Australia; Perth, Australia; Berlin, Germany; Milan, Italy; Rome, Italy; Belgrade, Serbia; Dubai, UAE; Doha, Qatar. 95% of our existing clients also hire us as a luxury property management firm. We can also install a panic button as needed and the tenant can send family members and us a sign of the need for medical intervention. That's the Carlovich Pulse service. Health is very important to us.

We often advise our clients the following: "Don't buy the selected property because the location, construction technology or investor is of questionable quality. Let's go together in search of something better - a property that we would also choose to buy for ourselves." It's not our goal to persuade you to buy any property.

Don't be impressed with our education because it means nothing unless you meet us and decide if we're persons with character and if we're persons that you can truly trust. Please remember that a construction worker doesn't always need a civil engineer but a civil engineer always needs a construction worker. The wise man understands that he knows nothing. In short, he realizes that there is so much more to learn than what he already knows, that to declare he knows everything he needs to know is ignorance at its finest. There is always a reason to learn something new. Why? Because through learning, we are able to better ourselves, and from here better the world around us. The more you know, the less confident you're likely to be. Experts know how much they don't know and they tend to underestimate their ability. It's easy to be overconfident when you have only a simple idea of how things are. Wise people are full of doubts and that's positive. Being distinctive is a choice, and it’s not an easy one. Because it requires you to stand for something and to serve a specific audience, not everyone. Unfortunately, people evolved our culture to focus on amusement instead of the journey toward better. The remarkable nature of our service is part of the reason people buy it, and the reason they talk about it. But, some customers have no interest in our special capabilities. We can't work with clients who cannot perceive our value. Our company stands for a unique value provided to a unique set of customers. We value the privacy of our clients. Our clients are individuals who don't want to publicly expose their plans about purchasing a luxury property and plans about luxury property maintenance. Due to this, we don't use any social media channels and we never publish where are we travelling for a meeting. We don't write a blog about our business and we don't share anything online. Even our family doesn't know who our clients are. We sign an NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients and always perform KYC Know Your Client check.

Mediocrity can't stay where greatness is. Being unremarkable is actually being invisible. Carlovich's premium meeting places are situated all around the world and our team comes to you. We offer a service with kindness and knowledge. Flights are operated by NETJETS®.

If you work overtime to offer mediocre services to non-demanding clients, consider an alternative and serve the most interested and demanding clients with outstanding services. If you're looking for the cheapest service, then we are not a good choice for you. The correct advice is invaluable.

We provide a unique solution for a small market. We have the opportunity to do work that is unexpected, generous and original. It won’t be the cheapest, but it will matter. Focusing on the smallest viable audience makes so much more sense than trying to make average stuff for average people. Remarkable is something worth spreading. New. Unexpected. Emotionally moving. A real wow. Maybe a bit weird or outrageous. It provokes conversation. It's the opposite of boring. Unique, memorable and literally worth talking about. The reasonable people adapt themselves to the world, the unreasonable people persist in trying to adapt the world to themselves. Therefore all progress depends on unreasonable people. We're proudly unreasonable. It's important to note that you either have or do not have the exactness and the character. It cannot be acquired or learned. The exactness and the character are our greatest virtues that we nurture and are extremely proud of. Kindness is the most powerful and most underrated agent of human change. Connection, possibility, invention, empathy, insight, care and justice are all up to us. Never think of gentleness as weakness. Be tough and gentle. The path to success is the pursuit of wisdom. We hope that we have at least briefly brought you closer to our values and what we strive for in our daily work with clients. We're free to offer you a piece of well-intentioned educational advice. In this way, you will always be satisfied that you have learned something on our website. When buying a new luxury apartment or a house, try to choose a building built of brick or aerated concrete. If that isn't possible, please choose a building in which the load-bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete, and the non-load-bearing structure is made of brick or aerated concrete. If the whole building is exclusively a reinforced concrete structure with plasterboard partition walls, we would not recommend you to buy such property.

"We're creating the meaningful change we believe in. Not everyone can afford our services. And that's ok. We're here for a few people, not for many. The act of chasing everyone is keeping you from reaching anyone. Carlovich is the only luxury consultancy firm in the world that connects civil engineering, luxury real estate and luxury lifestyle. A high-quality property converted to a home is a prerequisite for a luxury lifestyle. In a sense, coming back home gives meaning to going forth. We really don't know where we've been until we've come back to where we were. To our home. Only, where we were may not be as it was because of who we've become. Which is, after all, why we left."




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