Ultra luxury with character

The Carlovich by Alen Karlovic, an ultra luxury real estate consultant focused on superior quality. Exclusivity, zeal and uniqueness. I consider the long-term impact of short-term thinking. I never offer what others are trying to sell, but I discreetly search for and find what my client dreams.

The Carlovich journey is inspiring, remembering, challenging and unique. Nothing in the ultra luxury real estate industry changes until someone who cares enough as I do, build an alternative. The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. You need to be willing to take the harder path with me. There is no easy way in finding or building a high quality ultra luxury real estate. I often advise my clients the following: "Don't buy the selected property because the construction method is of questionable quality. Let's go together in search of something better - an ultra luxury property that I would also choose to purchase for myself." Please, raise your expectations. I care, I solve problems, and I create connections. I can't be an excellent ultra luxury property consultant unless I have great and the most demanding clients.

In Plato Republic, the dialogue on the civilization recorded some 2400 years ago, Socrates laid out a picture of an ideal and peaceful city in which every citizen needs - food, clothing and shelter - would be met in a simple style: "They will work, in summer, commonly, stripped and barefoot, but in winter substantially clothed and shod. They will feed on barley, meal and flour of wheat, baking and kneading them, making noble cakes and loaves; these they will serve up on a mat of reeds or on clean leaves, themselves reclining the while upon beds strewn with yew or myrtle. And they and their children will feast, drinking the wine they have made, wearing garlands on their heads, and hymning the praises of the Gods, in happy converse with one another. And they will take care that their families do not exceed their means having an eye to poverty or war. And with such a diet, they may be expected to live in peace and health to a good old age and bequeath a similar life to their children after them." Socrates city sounds pretty good - a simple society in which everyone is satisfied, but not to excesses that would cause injustice, poverty or war. Socrates calls this city the "Healthy City" because it is governed only for necessary desires. The "Healthy City" only produces what is necessary for life. But his fellow philosopher, Plato brother Glaucon, disagreed, dubbing this polis as a "City of Pigs". A city fit for humans should go beyond such bare necessities. "People who are to be comfortable are accustomed to lie on sofas and dine off tables", Glaucon said. "And they should have sauces and sweets in the modern style." Glaucon points out the first city is impossible because people would also want unnecessary desires such as rich food, luxurious surroundings and art. Socrates and Glaucon decided to look into a much larger city called the "Feverish City", also know as the "Luxurious City". Socrates immediately understood: "The question which you would have me consider", he replied, "is not only how a State, but how a Luxurious State is created". "A Luxurious State would likely have more injustice and illness", Socrates said - but he acknowledged it to be inevitable, given the depths of human desire. People would not be satisfied with the simplest food, clothing and shelter, Socrates realized. They’re probably going to want sofas, tables, perfume, incense, cakes and all types of embellished goods. "And we’re probably going to need to make this city bigger, fill it with artisans to create these luxury goods, and train soldiers to protect its borders. The city will have to fill and swell with a multitude of callings which are not required by any natural want; such as the whole tribe of hunters and actors, of whom one large class have to do with forms and colours; another will be the votaries of music - poets and their attendant train of rhapsodists, players, dancers, contractors; also makers of divers kinds of articles, including women’s dresses. And we shall want more servants. Will not tutors be also in request, and nurses wet and dry, tirewomen and barbers, as well as confectioners and cooks; who were not needed and therefore had no place in the former edition of our State, but are needed now?" And so was born the "Luxurious State", distinguished by its luxuries from the "City of Pigs." Socrates then proceeds to modify the model of the city by the addition of painting, embroidery, gold and ivory. He realised that his first plan was perhaps too idealistic and blind to the fact that people, including Glaucon, would not be completely satisfied and would have other unnecessary desires as well that would not be able to be collectively restrained. The interesting fact is that the "Healthy City" is no place for anyone since its austerity embodies human virtue. The "Luxurious City", Glaucon’s City, is perfect for everyone. His city offers all manner of delicacies and puts everyone on equal terms. Therefore, everyone is craving for luxury. For thousands of years since, humans have aspired to more than the essentials of food, clothing and shelter. And while our ability to obtain such luxuries externally conveys a sense of status, it's not their only purpose. Because, the luxury is pleasant indeed. Prosperity is so much more than having finances. It's having health, peace of mind, a good relationship and being able to sleep at night. There are many things that money can't buy. But we aren't supposed to drag around in the world of scarcity, unable to afford what we want, living off the leftovers. I deserve more. You deserve more. Just because you can live without an ultra luxury lifestyle, it doesn't mean you have to.

Most people are afraid to go against the general opinion. Surround yourself with honest people unafraid to ask questions or point out deficiencies as they see them. This website shows that an ultra luxury firm can have a character. It's rare, but proudly it's here.

The ultra luxury architecture and construction are art. There is a high probability that this website isn't for you. It's intended just for the most demanding and ultra wealthy minority. A great fortune can quickly diminish in the inept hands of an unworthy beneficiary but wealth, while scarce for most people, if managed carefully can grow, and life is greatly enhanced for the people who can manage the financial resources successfully over the lifetime. In 1947, Christian Dior said: "Everything beyond the simple fact of food, clothing and shelter is luxury; the civilization we defend is luxury. Ultra luxury, with all the aspiration, ambivalence, and envy someone feels for it, isn’t just a bug of society. It’s a feature fundamental to what makes us human."

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: Villa Borghese or Villa Borghese Pinciana ("Borghese villa on the Pincian Hill") is the villa built by the architect Flaminio Ponzio (and, after his death, finished by his assistant Giovanni Vasanzio), developing sketches by Scipione Borghese. Scipione Borghese used it as a villa suburbana, a party villa, at the edge of Rome, and to house his art collection. The Galleria Borghese now occupies the villa, and the Villa Borghese gardens surround the villa. In 1605 the estate, already owned by the Borghese family, initially occupied only the ancient site of the Horti di Lucullo (Colle del Pincio). Cardinal Scipione Borghese, acquiring adjacent vineyards and land, began to transform it into the largest park in Rome to make it the symbol of the grandeur and prestige of the Borghese family. The Villa was to exceed in wealth and splendour all the other noble residences of Rome. At that time the large gardens were only open to guests. The architect Flaminio Ponzio was commissioned to build the Casino Nobile (today’s Galleria Borghese) and continued, at his death, by the Dutch Jan van Santen who, with the collaboration of the gardener Domenico Savino da Montepulciano, extended the areas of the gardens with the creation of a large hunting sector. With the intervention of Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Cardinal Scipione, passionate about artworks, dedicated himself to the villa enriching it with his collections of paintings by the most famous artists, while taking care of the precious furnishings and maintenance of the "secret gardens" that were on the sides of the villa itself. The Casino was completed with splendid decorations and sculptures and surrounded by other small houses, fountains and a refined park. The estate covered an area of eighty hectares divided into three "enclosures". After the death of Scipione Borghese the Villa continued to be taken care of and did not undergo partial changes until 1770 Prince Marcantonio IV Borghese gave impetus to a radical renewal of the park. Conversion works mainly concerned the main buildings such as the Casino Nobile, the Casino dei Giochi Giochi (now "Aranciera") and the expansion of the large adjacent park with the remaking of the neoclassical decorations. The stuccos inside the buildings were renewed and marble, frescoes and alabaster statues were added. The Prince, assisted by the architects Antonio and Mario Asprucci and with the collaboration of master gardeners and artists, promoted the placement of precious statues along the park and started the construction of the Garden of the Lake and Piazza di Siena. Decorations and friezes gave greater lustre to the gardens enriched by enchanting fountains and ponds, among which the Aqua Felix, the Sea Horse Fountain, the Temple of Diana, the Casino dell’Orologio, the Garden of the Lake with, in the centre, the splendid Temple of Aesculapius. The park was open for summer walks and leisure offered to the people by the Prince to admire the magnificent Garden of the Lake with boat trips, the vast square of Siena and even the pigeon shooting at the Parco dei Daini. Upon the death of Marcantonio IV, his son Camillo Borghese, married to Paolina Bonaparte (Napoleon’s sister), made a substantial contribution to the magnificence of the Villa with grandiose shows and popular festivals, such as the ride in the air balloon in Piazza di Siena, songs and dances. We can find much evidence in paintings and engravings of that time. At the end of the nineteenth century, due to the exorbitant expenses for the reconstruction works incurred by Prince Camillo Borghese, public admission was accepted under underpayment for the first time.

I want clients with a long-term view. Impatient clients that want a quick return on the effort are not for me. I'm not offering quick solutions. Nothing is worth having or doing unless it means effort. If you're insecure that our efforts in finding an ideal ultra luxury property will succeed and, if you are bored with long-term thinking, I'm not a consultant for you. Let’s not decide based on what is best now. Let’s decide based on what will continue to be the best for many years. I'm not just focusing on what’s straight ahead. I'm not here for a simple one-day of work. Any consultant, agent or broker will be a good option if you don't have high expectations. The consistency and empathy of my vision are developing The Carlovich consultancy. Empathy is feeling with someone, not for them. No dream is too big, and nothing is beyond my reach. Narrow vision is dangerous. I'm creating something worth noticing. I'm the first ultra luxury real estate consultant in the world that doesn't have a property portfolio to sell. The feeling of taking care of my client and not needing to sell anything to get a commission is amazing. I am who I am because I'm not scared to be the first. If your plan about buying or building an ultra luxury property doesn’t involve any significant hurdles in moving forward, it’s probably not worth that much. If it were easy, everyone would do it. You need to seek a path where you see and understand the significant hurdles that kept others away. I'm leading you through this worthwhile path. Hurdles are not a problem, they’re a feature. Ultra luxury is the road less travelled. Most people give up, and most people like the easy path. It means your ultra luxury property will be much better than theirs. Some people offer shortcuts to avoid the hard path. They know with certainty that undemanding clients will take the bait. Demanding clients know that shortcuts never work. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The long path has a purpose. Taking the long path on purpose serves a more profound purpose. Rushing is a shortsighted strategy. Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time. The positive path is to look for the constraints. They’re a sign that we’re onto something. A short-term win is an excellent goal for non-demanding clients. Ethics come into play when the right decision for the long-term doesn’t make sense for the short-term. Actions based on long-term values may not give us the same sense of achievement as short-term-based actions, but they take us to two different places. The right decision means losing in the short-term. Shortcuts involve compromise. It’s the easy route. Most people look for simplifications. They rely on common wisdom without doing the hard work of checking things out. You need to understand the difference between strategic objectives and short-term tactical work. I question ideas and beliefs other people insist are true. Whenever someone says "as everybody knows", beware what follows. I do what’s morally right, not what’s expedient. I think critically about fundamental assumptions. Most people aim to be morally mediocre. They aim to be about as morally good as others - not especially better and not especially worse. I've created The Carlovich ultra luxury real estate advisory while spending time in Rijeka, Croatia, on the island of Pag, Croatia and in London, England, with a vision for a better world. Since 2011 (20 July 2011), I proudly assist millionaires and billionaires around the world. I and my clients have a shared vision of ultra luxury with character. The Carlovich recipe: one whole-hearted leader, two cups of desire to make a difference, three cups of possibility thinking, one teaspoon of ideas, a half cup of knowledge, one punch of positivity, a quarter cup of imagination, one tablespoon of leadership, one handful of kindness, eleven tablespoons of honesty, nine big spoons full of integrity, one cup of market vision, a scoop of enthusiasm, an ounce of perseverance, a scattering of mistakes, three tablespoons of hope and one bag of character. This recipe makes one generous portion well worth sharing. There are no secret ingredients because no one can copy me. No one can copy my moral values, excellence with humbleness, benevolence, dependability, friendliness, effort, knowledge and care. Without me, ultra luxury construction methodology means nothing. I'm unique and the only one. Why do I serve just ultra-high-net-worth individuals? Do they have bags full of money? No, they don't. They care about how they spend their earned funds. They invest their money. I provide consultancy services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals because they are always looking for a premium service. They don't like to pay for something ordinary. They don't like to pay amateurs. They don't like low-quality real estate. One important reason I serve just millionaires and billionaires is that I don't want them to buy property falsely declared as ultra luxury. Something that is "too good to be true" requires investigation. Superficiality leads you to decisions that you think are ultra luxurious. If you plan to pay for ultra luxury, then you deserve pure ultra luxury. Nothing less than that. The world is full of low-quality "ultra luxury" properties. I often help clients modify a luxury property into an ultra luxury property. Never let what you see talk you out of what you know. No two same ultra luxury properties exist because there is no mould to build them identically. Every client is unique and deserves a unique ultra luxury lifestyle. I'm in love with the problem of low-quality in ultra luxury, and thus I'm offering a solution. That's why I'm here. To guide you. Of course, If you are looking for someone like me. What matters in life is not what we buy, but what we build; not what we have, but what we share with the world; not our capability but our character; and not our success but our true significance. Character is forged every day.

Moving past where you normally would stop leads to ultra luxury lifestyle. It's never crowded along the extra mile. You have to learn to walk away from petty arguments, disrespect, envious people and battles that don’t matter. Most people cannot help but be influenced by the perceptions that others have of them. Never involve others into your indentity equation, into who you are. Never think what others think you are. People are mostly unhappy, which means that they are never going to be happy with you. If you spend your life trying to please people, trying to live the way other people want you live, you are never going to achieve any meaningful level of happiness in your life. They are not living your life. You are living your life. The opinions of other people are external to your happiness and completely irrelevant. You have to get good at ignoring naysayers. They are distractions. Ignore them. Envious people can’t keep you from your plan. Small-minded people can’t stop your purpose. So, please enjoy your ultra luxury lifestyle. The journey to a truly superior ultra luxury lifestyle isn't for the impatient. If you're sometimes going forward just pushed by desires, remember to pull yourself back and think about your character and values. Charisma is helpful, competence is important but character is priceless. Honesty, justice, respect, care, humility, passion, integrity, perseverance, gratitude, responsibility, selflessness, kindness and generosity are all examples of values. Then revive the neglected values and keep going forward. Character is established by conscientious adherence to moral values. Values represent the outward manifestation of character. The character can't be learned or acquired. But, start by nurturing your moral values first, one step at a time. If you don't have values, then you don't have character, and then, in my opinion, you can't live a true ultra luxury lifestyle. Ultra luxury without a character is just an illusion. Ultra luxury with a character is something wonderful. Wonderful both for you and for your kids. Moral values should be taught to children at a young age, so they can learn and take those values with them into adulthood and develop a character. You can easily judge the character of a person by how does it treat those who can do nothing in return. However, it's indeed tough to teach a child to be courageous, determined, honourable, compassionate or empathetic. The only good way is to teach by example. I'm a good example. I'm not just a consultant but a good example to your kids as well. Our kids should be a better version of ourselves. Never treat your kids according to the Law of Jante because they will live in conformity and mediocrity. These two features don't help the world to be a better place. My clients want my uniqueness and my pricing. What my clients want is scarce in the world. My clients get more than they paid for. Unfortunately, many people live in ultra luxury properties someone else picked for them. The best ultra luxury real estate is never for sale publicly, it's never listed online and it's never advertised. It’s not about getting found by everyone. A focus on experience creates something that a few people are looking for. The Carlovich ultra luxury real estate boutique consultancy accepts a limited number of new regular clients per year, and I never work with more than one client at the same time. More isn't better. Better is better. If I would be working with many clients at the same time, I would be a terrible consultant. The Carlovich Premium Care Club is different, and I can work with more than one client at the same time. The Club is not open to everyone, and the membership is strictly limited. A hard path is a compliment. The desire to fail on the way to reaching a bigger goal is the untold secret of overnight success. The modern history of my family goes back to 1917 when my nonna was born. My family heritage is linked to my willingness to reinvent and innovate. In 1985, I was born and raised in Rijeka, Croatia, and specialized in the field of high-quality building materials and construction methodology in ultra luxury residential projects. My family has been spending summers in the city of Pag since 1996. I like "the island way of life". Before the university, I attended a gymnasium (the four-year high school that prepares students for higher education; advanced mathematics and natural sciences). My high school thesis was about the liver because I was always interested in the medical field. My interest in the medical field helps me today because it makes me responsible and caring, especially towards my immunocompromised clients. When you combine infectious diseases and civil engineering, you get one of my interests - wastewater monitoring and disease spreading prevention (wastewater-based epidemiology, wastewater scanning). Using solids in wastewater, which carry about 1,000 times more viral genetic material than liquid sewage for many viruses, this method can identify a handful of infections per 100,000 people served by a wastewater system. This background of my interests makes me aware of needed hygienic measures in ultra luxury buildings. On the one hand, my healthy but germophobic clients adore me for that. On the other hand, my immunocompromised clients respect me for that. People with germophobia clean to reduce germs, while people with OCD clean to reduce their anxiety. Yes, I admit, I think I'm slightly germophobic. While perfectionism isn't a formal symptom of OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder, people with perfectionistic tendencies are more likely to have OCD. I proudly have perfectionism OCD, and it's mandatory in the ultra luxury. You can't be an ultra luxury consultant without OCD perfectionism because ultra luxury is perfect. How can anyone who is not a perfectionist consult about perfectionism? After high school, I finally decided that instead of being a doctor - infectious diseases specialist, civil engineering was for me. Both professional fields interested me very much. Why infectious diseases specialist? Because during high school, I was in the hospital for a very long time due to an infection. And this field impressed me. I would be excellent in any field because I am who I am. During my higher education, I have been selling consumer electronics at one large department store. Every single day for six years, after my classes, I went to that department store. I remember that I enjoyed it so much. All customers were thrilled with my service. I've bought hundreds of civil engineering books with the money I earned. While I was proudly carrying all that big and dusty boxes, I never imagined that later in life, I would cooperate with ultra luxury clients. Luxury real estate is too common nowadays, and it's not exciting to provide consultancy service in this field. Then I started to think about the ultra luxury real estate. People crave for luxury but can't afford it. Many luxury clients want to show others they can afford the luxury. I can't advise luxury clients because they can't afford to implement my advice in ultra luxury real estate. So, luxury clients are not ideal clients. It gave me the idea that ultra luxury should be my path. The ultra luxury construction is above luxury. Ultra luxury is the most demanding path, and I adore it. A person who perseveres through difficulties, who keeps going when others quit, who makes it to their destination through hard work and honesty? That’s admirable because their survival was the result of fortitude and resilience, not birthright or circumstance. A person who overcame not just the external obstacles to success but mastered themselves and their emotions along the way? That’s much more impressive. A person who has been dealt a harder hand, understood it, but still triumphed? That’s greatness. Obstacles are here to test us, to see how badly we want something that lies behind them. Obstacles don't define us. It's the way we face them. I'm the only family member with a degree in the civil engineering field. Later, I will explain why I think formal education means almost nothing. I would like you to hire me because you think I'm capable, honorable and worth your time. Ultra luxury is much different from luxury. I created everything from scratch. The firm is scrupulous and that makes me proud. No one can guarantee my capability and integrity. The university doesn't make us who we are. In 2011, after graduating from the Faculty of Civil Engineering (structural engineering: timber, steel and concrete structures), I focused on the ultra luxury niche. People told me that I was inexperienced, that I didn't have connections, that I should choose the easy path, that I was too young, that I wasn't hanging out with famous people, that I wasn't in politics, that I didn't practice ultra luxury lifestyle, that I wasn't a social media influencer, that the dream was too big and that I won't ever succeed. Did I hear? Yes. Did I listen? No. As a pathmaker in the ultra luxury, I'm offering something new and unknown to others. I'm proud when people think my ideas are strange. How many years did I need to fine-tune my firm to my preferences? Twelve long years, from 2011 to 2023. Easy? No. Worthy and meaningful? Yes. At the age of 38, I was so proud of myself, my family, my prestigious firm and my lovely clients. I'm not a middleman because that's boring. Everyone can be a middleman. At university, you cannot learn how to be useful to society, and that is exactly what is most important in life. The purpose is discovered in usefulness. At university, I've learned that excellent teachers don't give you the test to fail, but they give you the test to see what you learned from them. Excellent teachers are rare like all excellent people are. I will always be grateful for and remember a few marvellous teachers that positively impacted my life. Have I specialised in ultra luxury construction methodology at the university? No. I've invented the field of high-quality construction systems. Formal education doesn't guarantee an extraordinary service. Education is the hustle for a credential. It exchanges compliance for certification. An institution can educate you, but learning can’t be done to you. Extraordinary service consists of my knowledge, invention and me. Knowledge without character is useless. My character gives me respect. Without me, the service is just a business transaction. My hunch is a combination of insight (patterns practice) and foresight (potential predictions), brought about by understanding what is and questioning what could be. It's formed by my expertise, past experiences and the practice of noticing patterns and anomalies in the world around me. I always communicate how each part of the ultra luxury puzzle contributes to the whole. Instead of the word "specialisation", the better word to use is "inventor". The high-quality ultra luxury construction methodology didn't exist before 2011. That's why I'm an ultra luxury real estate consultant. There is no school for the consultant. I provide extraordinary service with kindness. You are either born with advising ability or you are born without it. I don't like conformity and mediocrity. I always strived for something more challenging, better and fairer. My vast international business experience allows me to understand that every country has its problems. But I always choose the best option for myself, my family, my business and my client. A large portion of my professional life I've spent in London, England. London is my other home.

An ultra luxury home can't give you a character defined by how your motives and thoughts relate to morality, especially as it concerns integrity. My knowledge and character are the conscience and corrective of the ultra luxury real estate industry.

Carlovich is an international centre of excellence for consulting in the field of ultra luxury real estate. You'll be amazed by my meticulous procedure in ultra luxury real estate monitoring and quality control. Monitoring involves collecting and analyzing data and controlling uses these findings to make changes. I'm building a world worth living in. I always have the two most important features with me: knowledge and kindness. My goal is a satisfied client, not a property sold. I don't have customers. A customer makes a single transaction, while a client relies on my continued personal service. The Carlovich clients are always looking for a very personalised service. The delayed gratification is important because ultra luxury property can't be purchased immediately. The ultra luxury real estate quality is remembered and cherished long after the first impression is forgotten.

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: The Villa Farnese is situated directly above the town of Caprarola and dominates its surroundings. It is a massive Renaissance and Mannerist construction, opening to the Monte Cimini, a range of densely wooded volcanic hills. It is built on a five-sided plan in reddish gold stone; buttresses support the upper floors. As a centrepiece of the vast Farnese holdings, Caprarola was always an expression of Farnese power, rather than a villa in the more usual agricultural or pleasure senses. The villa is one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture. Ornament is used sparingly to achieve proportion and harmony. Thus while the villa dominates the surroundings, its severe design also complements the site. This particular style, known today as Mannerism, was a reaction to the ornate earlier High Renaissance designs of twenty years earlier. Vignola, the architect chosen for this difficult and inhospitable site, had recently proved his mettle in designing Villa Giulia on the outskirts of Rome for the preceding pope, Julius III. Vignola in his youth had been heavily influenced by Michelangelo. For the villa at Caprarola, his plans as built were for a pentagon constructed around a circular collonaded courtyard. In the galleried court, paired Ionic columns flank niches containing busts of the Roman Emperors, above a rusticated arcade, a reworking of Bramante's scheme for the "House of Raphael", in the Borgo rione, Rome. Further Bramantesque detail is the entablature that breaks forward over the columns, linking them above, while they stand on separate bases. The interior loggia formed by the arcade is frescoed with Raphaelesque grotesques, in the manner of the Vatican Logge. The gallery and upper floors were reached by five spiral staircases around the courtyard: the most important of these is the Scala Regia ("Royal Stairs") rising through the principal floors. The gardens of the villa are as impressive as the building itself, a significant example of the Italian Renaissance garden period. The villa's fortress theme is carried through by a surrounding moat and three drawbridges. Two facades of the pentagonal arrangement face the two gardens cut into the hill; each garden is accessed across the moat by a drawbridge from the apartments on the piano nobile and each is a parterre garden of box topiary with fountains.

Purchasing or building an ultra luxury property is unimaginable without prudence and perspective. Prudence means thinking before acting and being careful about your choices. It's a strength of restraint. When you are prudent, you are not taking unnecessary risks and not doing things that you might later regret. If you are high in prudence, you can consider the long-term consequences of your actions. Prudence is a form of practical reasoning, the ability to examine the potential consequences of your actions objectively, and to control yourself based on that examination. Prudence involves far-sighted planning, cautious wisdom, practical wisdom and practical reason. Perspective means the ability to see the bigger picture in life. Perspective is about being able to see the forest as well as the trees. This ability to look at systems as a whole helps me to provide honest and useful advice. Perspective represents a high level of knowledge, the capacity to give advice and to recognize and weight multiple sides before making decisions. Beware of a charlatan because it's willing to do and say virtually anything to make a fast property sale. I'm not impressed with big cities. I have many clients in the USA, and I prefer to organize meetings in small and beautiful towns like La Grange, Kentucky; Telluride, Colorado; Marfa, Texas; Ashland, Virginia; Mystic, Connecticut; Galena, Illinois; Ketchum, Idaho; Deadwood, South Dakota; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Carmel-by-the-Sea, California; Kennebunkport, Maine; Grand Marais, Minnesota and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. If you're not comfortable with who you are, you will never be able to celebrate somebody with more talent in a specific field. If you can't compliment others, you will never be able to believe in yourself. When you are secure in who you are, you can celebrate others. Local knowledge isn't enough to my clients. I'm never the smartest person in the room because that would be a wrong room. When I coordinate (construction project management) the ultra luxury construction process from scratch, I always unbiasedly pick the best associates for my client's goals. These associates from various countries are experts in their niche field (e.g. architectural historian, contemporary architecture minimalism, deep foundations, post-tensioned concrete structures etc.). The client's trust is extremely important. I see the big picture in ultra luxury real estate and connect experts across multiple knowledge domains. I inspire chosen experts to do extraordinary work in their field of expertise. I never cooperate with specific associates or have a contract with them because that won't be in according to my moral values. I'm neither an ultra luxury real estate agent nor a broker. I'm not a property inspector. Smart and honest consulting instead of selling. Be aware of Machiavellian consultants. Machiavellianism is a personality trait that denotes cunningness, tactics, strategic calculation, the ability to be manipulative with low ethical and moral standards and a drive to use whatever means necessary to reach a goal. The Machiavellian only goal is to sell an ultra luxury property and to get a commission. Be also aware of extremely narcissistic consultants. These consultants don't feel remorse, don't have emotional intelligence, don't care, are impatient and often display passive-aggressive behaviour. Inauthentic consultant is selfish and wants to get something. Every human being is narcissistic, but what differs is the extent to which one is narcissistic. I have a healthy dose of narcissism. People with healthy narcissistic traits have high self-esteem. It creates a baseline for general happiness. They are better able to impress people favourably. People with healthy narcissism don’t have to rely on others for affirmation. They feel good enough about themselves that they don’t have to be always testing the waters. Leaders with healthy narcissism are gifted with being able to see what could be, not what just is. I don't have a portfolio of ultra luxury residential real estate that I need to sell. Why? Because I can't properly advise you when I'm obligated to sell you a specific ultra luxury real estate. If you want to make a quick purchase, you aren't a demanding client. Developers, agencies, brokerages and sellers want to sell ultra luxury real estate quickly. Quick money is useless but tempting for people without knowledge and character. I slowly earn money over time by providing excellent and unparallel service. Valuable consultants never sell anything except trustworthiness, meaningful experience and knowledge. My kindness is the icing on the cake. I don't "push" ultra luxury real estate but I and my client "pull" ultra luxury real estate of our interest. You, as my client, is my only point of interest. I’ve seen what works. I’ve also seen what has failed. My experience allows me to create value for my clients by helping them find the path to better results, seeing around corners, avoiding common pitfalls and taking advantage of opportunities. I identify and create new patterns that reframe what my clients know about ultra luxury construction. My knowledge creates value for my clients by helping them make decisions based on my experience. I make all my decisions based on ethics and integrity, not a personal advantage. I like complex challenges. Natural authority comes from being authentic. Nothing makes me more valuable than ideas. Resourcefulness is perhaps the greatest human attribute. My ability to generate new ideas that help move my clients forward is valuable and it can easily differentiate me. What does ultra luxury real estate mean? My clients want to invest in something worthwhile, beautiful and something they would be proud of. Into a property that they can convert to a home. They don't want to buy low-quality real estate. Ultra luxury real estate = elegance + style + high-quality construction + premium building materials. Real estate is ultra luxe when it's tailored for a few people. Ultra luxury means exclusiveness. You deserve an ultra luxury real estate. I'm here to assist you during your journey toward a lovely home. Why do I serve just specific clients? Because they are demanding and they want high-quality real estate. I have so much knowledge and expertise to offer that I can't work with low demanding clients. Metacognition is the knowledge about my own knowledge. The development of genuine expertise requires struggle, patience, passion and sacrifice. If you serve one audience, you’ve let another down. One focus means that something else got ignored. If you create something scarce, someone won’t get their hands on it. The very act of creation means that it won’t be the ideal solution for everyone. The opportunity is to find someone to delight and to embrace the fact that someone is not everyone. I don't offer average services to the great masses of the population. I also don't offer a little bit of everything for everybody. My goal is to be useful, remarkable and worth seeking out. Generous work that makes lives better. You can either turn your operation into selling the regular kind, pandering to the middle, putting everything in exactly the category they hoped for and challenging no expectations. Or you can do the incredibly hard work of seeking out the few people who want to experience something that matters, instead of something that’s merely safe. Clients aren’t going to trust me because I asked them to. They’ll do it when they believe that I'm one of the few people who can lean outside of the comfort zone and bring back something extraordinary. Trust is built on honesty. My virtue is that I'm highly sensitive. It's not a weakness but the trademark of a truly alive and compassionate person with high emotional intelligence. I'm thoughtful, conscientious, dedicated, diplomatic when it matters most, an excellent critical thinker, noticing subtleties that others may miss, self-aware, good at the detection of minor differences, spotting opportunities for innovation, strongly intuitive, impressing with thoroughness, constantly learning and growing, a pillar of integrity. People of integrity are the same in private as they are in public. They do what’s right whether anybody is watching or not. Integrity is doing right when you could do anything. Moral integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Our moral essence determines the course of our lives. If you don’t have integrity, you will never reach your best. Integrity is the foundation on which truly successful relationships are built. Every time you compromise, every time you are less than honest, you are causing a slight crack in the foundation. If you continue compromising, that foundation will never be able to hold what you want to build. The Carlovich firm is built on the firm foundation. I don't like bureaucracy, but I like to pay my taxes. I'm very meticulous regarding all my tax and legal obligations. If I notice that you avoid taxation, I won't work with you. All money is useless if you don't have character. The Carlovich consultancy has helped clients purchase or build ultra luxury property in various cities and countries: London, United Kingdom; Opatija, Croatia; Hvar, Croatia; Seoul, South Korea; Algarve, Portugal; Gustavia, St Barts; George Town, Cayman Islands; Maldives; Los Angeles, California; The Hamptons, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; San Francisco, California; Fremont, California; San Ramon, California; Bel Air, California; Santa Monica, California; Chicago, Illinois; Stamford, Connecticut; Scottsdale, Arizona; Miami, Florida; Seychelles; Aarhus, Denmark; Nassau, The Bahamas; Belgrade, Serbia; Santorini, Greece; Budva, Montenegro; Vancouver, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Singapore, Malaysia; Auckland, New Zealand; Hong Kong; Mumbai, India; Beijing, China; Kyiv, Ukraine; Istanbul, Turkey; Paris, France; Cannes, France; Marseille, France; Monaco; Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands; Ibiza, Spain; Tenerife, Canary Islands; Marbella, Spain; Verbier, Switzerland; St. Moritz, Switzerland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Sydney, Australia; Canberra, Australia; Gold Coast, Australia; Berlin, Germany; Milan, Italy; Rome, Italy; Dubai, UAE; Doha, Qatar. The company success is neither income nor profit if the company does not have the character. My work may be too professional, honest and meticulous for you. I want my clients to feel what it means to work honestly. Most of all, there is a lack of socially beneficial companies that work honestly. Too many companies think of themselves instead of their clients. I am aware of my qualities, but I prefer to be modest. Impostor Syndrome is my greatest strength because it means the consciousness of my abilities. It means the awareness I could improve. Feeling like an impostor doesn't allow my ego to become overinflated. The ego creates blind spots. The more you know, the more you know what you don't know. Doubt breeds creativity, which is essential for innovation. People who are overconfident in their skills may have the Dunning-Kruger effect which occurs when a lack of knowledge and skills in a certain area causes to overestimate the competence. It's when you don’t know what you don’t know. When we lack the knowledge and skills to achieve excellence, we lack the knowledge and skills to judge excellence. Excellence is discovered in the details. I lead with humility and curiosity because I'm able to strike the right balance of competence and confidence. Cockiness believes everything will be easy. I always question myself and do additional research to gather more data before making a decision. Some people are asking questions but are not interested in the answers. Both confidence and arrogance are related to self-esteem. Confidence comes from a high intrinsic value and understanding that self-worth isn't measured by achievements or the opinions of others. Arrogance comes from a low self-esteem and masks insecurity. The confident humility zone is my favourite spot. The humility intensifies credibility. The strength is in the weakness. Every strength that an individual has necessarily brings with it a weakness of which it is an inherent part. It is impossible to have strengths without weaknesses. Every virtue has an associated weakness.

"The ultra luxury with character is not for everyone. Morality is not for everyone. It's just for a tiny minority. Many people are afraid of character, because it reminds them about their. Virtuous people do morally good things because it's part of their character. They could choose otherwise but they don't because that's not who they are. While societies may differ on what it means to be moral, they agree that it is good to be so. The moral behaviour can often elicit rejection rather than admiration and respect. Behaving according to one's moral principles seems like a laudable goal, but it can make others feel implicitly judged. Individuals justify rejecting moral rebels because individuals respond to self-threat by putting down the source of the threat. Moral rebels have particular characteristics that enable them to stand up for what's right, even when it is unpopular or in the face of widespread apathy. Obedient individuals are not only going along with a problematic situation, but becoming its guardian by putting down those who resist it. Moral individuals who speak out may think they are only taking a stand against the status quo, but bystanders who do not take the same stand can take this moral rebellion as a personal threat. This suggests that the root of resentment may be that the moral rebel's choice implicitly condemns the bystanders' own behaviour, and that this potential reproach shakes their confidence in being a moral person. The rejection of moral rebels has much to do with self-preservation and self-worth. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote "Arrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit, for merit itself is offensive." To live life above the common level of life means to be noble and honorable, to live with integrity when others may resort to dishonesty. Ordinary people have ordinary problems. Average people have average challenges. You are neither ordinary nor average. Ordinary and average people give up and settle for less. You're extraordinary. You're exceptional, and you face exceptional challenges. You have exceptional ultra luxury desires. The Carlovich raison d'être is ultra luxury with character, and serves only exceptional clients with exceptional desires. The results are outstanding and not for everyone. Ultra luxury reflects my talent and values. My clients with ultra luxury lifestyles have outgrown luxury lifestyles many years ago. Ultra luxury is a state of mind, morality, contemplation, art, elegance, attention to fine details, originality, exclusivity and a balance between design and the highest quality. I don't charge what I'm worth. I am worth more than what I charge. Self-worth is more important than net-worth. I value who I am and everything I've done to get to this point in life. You can't buy self-esteem and character. If you plan to purchase or build an ultra luxury property to show off or simply as a status symbol that you have money, you don't need me. But you want me, and you need me if you plan to own an ultra luxury property of high quality. A property you will convert into a home. Many people crave for an ultry luxury property not because they value its high quality but because they want to signal their wealth and status to others. Ultra luxury with character is the opposite. My confident clients do not need to impress anyone but themselves. I always think about the butterfly effect in ultra luxury real estate construction quality. The butterfly effect teaches us that small things have an impact on a complex system, small things matter and everything is connected. You should start noticing the contradictions in ultra luxury and looking in a new way at what once was viewed as usual. Not just looking but also seeing and being aware of what you see. When you try to pick out anything itself, you find it hitched to everything else. My company operates at a higher level. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my service. A truly quality company continuously questions the top quality of service. This is called a business with knowledge, vision, an obsession to improve and integrity. My clients come to The Carlovich consultancy because of what I can do for them and then stay because of what they become, a part of a premium and small society. The fewer clients I have, the more successful I am. It's better to work with fewer clients and overdeliver on my promises. I don’t want just any client but the right client. The most demanding client is the right client. The one who is thrilled to work with me. The one who understands that I'm unique and different from anyone else. My clients are satisfied just with the best. Ultra luxury is a necessity for my clients. An ultra luxury property too easily obtained is not ultra luxury at all. Once you start compromising, it's neither luxury nor ultra luxury. What's essential is invisible to the eye. It’s easy to get discouraged and impatient. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Uncomfortable situations push us towards our purpose. You have to refuse to settle for less. You have to raise your level of expectancy. Step out of your comfort zone. Don't settle for doing the bare minimum. Have the courage to be different. You are not average or common. Walk your own path. The challenges you overcome will serve you well in the future because you will have learned that the courage to go your own way is a valuable trait. You don't need anyone's validation. Don't live for the approval of others. The more successful you are, the more criticism you're going to face. Instead of trying to prove critics wrong, stay focused on your purpose. Proving your character begins in the small things. Make the decision to live in complete integrity. Create a lasting difference in the world. Closed doors can't stop you. Greatness isn’t found in fame or accomplishments. Greatness is found when we live for something greater than ourselves. Your inner voice or intuition is a powerful attribute, a deep well of wisdom for better decision-making. What is your inner voice telling you? Your hunch? Am I the right ultra luxury consultant for you? Are my motives honest? Am I doing the right thing with the wrong motive? Do I have knowledge, creativity and integrity? Do I sincerely care for you and your family? Forget about this website for a moment and listen to your inner voice. Your feeling never lets you down."



Tabula rasa is my main principle. An absence of dishonest pre-arranged selling tactics and group thinking. Otherwise, we would be taking a road to Abilene. I rock the boat. An impartial rigour. A clean slate is my starting point in serving my client with unique desires.

A title doesn't mean anything, it's about the person who owns it: Alen Karlovic (he/him/his), structural engineer, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Rijeka; residential architecture, urbanism and civil engineering knowledge enthusiast; the inventor of high-quality ultra luxury construction methodology; The Carlovich Founder and CEO; The Carlovich Premium Care Club president since July 2011; The Carlovich Foundation president since July 2021. The equanimity is my preferred way of being. Ultra luxury without a profound plan and deep analysis is just a wish. My biggest worry is to see wealthy individuals purchase ultra luxury properties without deep consideration for their quality. Ultra luxury property care is also an extremely different process. Something which The Carlovich consultancy is proud to offer.

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: The Villa Aldobrandini is a villa in Frascati, Italy. It is still owned and lived in by the Aldobrandini family, and is known as Belvedere for its location overlooking the valley toward the city of Rome. It is the only grand Papal garden not owned by the state. Vatican prelate Alessandro Rufini built the original villa in 1550. Pope Clement VIII gave his nephew Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini the villa in 1598 as a reward for the negotiations he undertook with France that resulted in the peace treaty of 1595 and for his role in annexing Ferrara to the Papal States. Clement's gift also ensured the property remained in the family as Popes are not allowed to own property. Aldobrandini commissioned the Roman architect Giacomo della Porta to convert the villa into suitable accommodation in which a Cardinal could live and also entertain a Pope. Works started in 1598. While the core of the villa was completed by the time of Giacomo della Porta's death in 1603, work continued for another 20 years on the various aspects of the villa and the garden under the supervision of Carlo Maderno, who added the loggia, and Giovanni Fontana. The villa is aligned with the cathedral down its axial avenue that is continued through the town as Viale Catone. The villa has an imposing 17th century facade and some other interesting architectural and environmental features, such as the double gallery order on the rear facade, the spiral-shaped flights, the large exedra of the Water Theatre and a magnificent park. A noted feature of the garden is the Teatro delle Acque ("Water Theater") by Carlo Maderno and Orazio Olivieri. To provide water for this feature and for the rest of the garden, Aldobrandini constructed a new 8 kilometres (5 miles) long aqueduct from the Modena spring on Monte Algido to the villa.

Everything I do is of high quality and priceless, and influenced by who I am. Every detail is essential. You can see that I value the privacy and trust of my clients. I never compromise. I use E2EE end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and messaging communication. End-to-end encryption is a method of secure communication that prevents any third parties from accessing the contents of our communication while it’s transferred from one device to another or while it is "at rest" on a server. No one else can see the contents of our communication. Not our network administrator, not our internet service provider, not hackers, not the government and not even the company that facilitates our communication. This is because only I have the key to decrypt your encrypted data. Of course, you will get a key to enable the decryption of my encrypted data. The E2EE communication starts in The Carlovich Lobby (pre-consultancy) because my potential client also needs to set up E2EE. If you already use E2EE, you can start communicating with me from the start via E2EE emails. All emails, messages, files and contact details are encrypted. There is also an option to communicate "on demand" via E2EE if you don't use E2EE at all, and you will need just a classic web browser. E2E encryption secures all communication and all documents regarding your relationship with The Carlovich consultancy firm. I don't save on anything and especially not on the client's privacy. For regular clients, the E2EE communication continues throughout the whole consultancy process. I am also using the E2EE communication for The Carlovich Premium Care Club members. The post-quantum encryption is the next step in the privacy of my clients. My direct phone line stated above is available just to existing potential and regular clients. The system automatically checks phone numbers for eligibility. If the existing potential or regular client calls, the phone call is established immediately. All other callers are welcome to leave a voicemail. I have had this phone number for more than 20 years, and I would never change it. I don't hide behind international virtual phone numbers. Consistency matters. Ultra luxury matters. The path to ultra luxury isn't short. Historical mansions are like clay. When the potter puts the clay on the wheel and begins to spin it, he never takes his hands off it. The potter keeps moulding it until it begins to take shape. The potter says, "Just give me some time because I see something beautiful and valuable." I'm not paid by the sellers or connected with them in any way. I never consult the seller, only the buyer. Don't be seduced by the ultra luxury property's outer appearance. It means almost nothing. To see what matters, you have to look. To understand it, you have to think. It takes real work to grasp what is invisible to just about everyone else. I'm finding joy in seeing what others can’t see, in finding harmony in places others overlook. The prettiest real estate can be the worst option for you, and the least attractive property can be the best if you renovate it. The most important fact about ultra luxury properties is construction quality. I spend significantly more time consulting clients than anyone else thinks is reasonable. Useful, remarkable and worth seeking out. Work that makes the world better. Trust is worth more than attention, and the purpose of the work is to create meaningful change. Are all ultra luxurious properties indeed ultra luxurious and of high quality? No. You will be surprised when you find out how many ultra luxury residential properties are neither luxury nor ultra luxury. That's why I'm here to help you to choose. Ultra luxury real estate's nuance is a subtle difference not easy to notice, but it's valuable to make a decision. My structural engineering knowledge and international experience bring together all the information that's useful for the buyer to know before the purchase. That leads to an extraordinary outcome. There is more to advising than just selling an ultra luxury property. I won't advise you to accept the property that others offer and that property developers want you to purchase. You, as my client, are unique. I'm an avid student of my client unique desires and dreams. You should purchase a property that meets your desires and dreams. If such a property doesn't yet exist, well - we can build it from the scratch. I must say that if we build your ultra luxury property together - this home will be magnificent. There is a difference between buying what someone else built and building with your preferences. Through The Carlovich Premium Care Club, I'm available for many years and not just until the moment you pay for the service provided. If I notice that you don't care about ultra luxury property's high-quality maintenance, I will tell you that it's a waste of money to pay for my meticulous premium service. Insurance companies without character will always offer basic insurance. But, I don't recommend that. I'm especially focused on earthquake insurance. Commission contracts are the exact opposite of what I practice. Because I don't receive or ask for a commission, just the best companies want to work with me. If the maintenance company doesn't properly care about the ultra luxury property, then there is a possibility of earning a commission on every repair. I don't work in that way. My company doesn't offer any construction work to my clients because that's a conflict of interest. Ultra luxury properties that The Carlovich cares about have a higher value. Ethics is about what is right. Ethics requires that I take responsibility for outcomes. Ethics cares about what happens but a legal approach cares only about the contract. I work honestly, and I'm very proud of that. The consultancy and maintenance processes are completely digitalised. Digital certificates are the main way of verifying identity. Also, the home panic button, which I utilise for ten years, is useful for emergencies. This is just a fraction of my knowledge needed for high-quality ultra luxury real estate construction methodology consultancy: prestressed concrete and creep, mortars for leveling, gluing and reinforcement, polymer cement 1K and 2K waterproofing, reinforcing mesh, thermal insulation, EPS, XPS, stone and glass mineral wool, fasteners, gypsum plasterboard, sealants, impregnation, silicate, acrylic, mineral and silicone sealing tapes, grouts, floor coverings, RAL installation of windows and doors, epoxy floor systems, polyurea, crystal waterproofing, ecological building materials, mortars for removing organic volatile substances, retentions, drainage, geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites based on cork, adhesive for sanded bricks, grouting walls and foundations, underground garages and staircases, white ceiling and roof, anti-corrosion protection, dry and pumped concrete, waterproofing PVC and TPO membranes, polyurethane expanding prefabricated foam, grouting mortar, reinforcement protection, drying plasters, one-way woven carbon fiber fabric, anchoring injection, anchor and carbon fiber, chimneys, concrete maturity, polyurethane waterproofing, grouting pipe for waterproofing concrete joints, infiltration and retention blocks, foundation cushion, drains, channels, separators, installation walls, plug connection for multilayer composite crystallizing pipes, cement for waterproofing, crystallizing powder waterproofing system for concrete, positive and negative waterproofing, elasticizing synthetic dispersion for universal application in mortars, plasters, waterproofing coatings and concrete, concentrated synthetic solvent-free resin for capillary moisture interruption, hydro ethylene copolymer bitumen with glass reinforcing mesh, brick and aerated concrete, formwork systems and scaffolding, roof covering, thermal insulation elements, reinforcement, elastomeric bearings, dowels, non-return valves, water supply and drainage systems, lightning protection system, dry and wet hydrant network, concrete additives, superplasticizers, aerants, accelerators, retarders, paints for interior and exterior walls, repair geomort, microreinforcement fibers, capillary lifting repair, breathable mortars for plastering and repair, thermo-dehumidifying bio plaster with thermal cells, sound insulation, pits, masonry mortar, roof windows, expansion soil reinforcement with expansive resin, facade bricks, ceiling systems, flat and green roof, sprayed concrete for renovation, concrete care, seals for working and expansion joints, fire seals, FRP and FRCM system reinforcements, carbon, glass, aramid and basalt reinforcement fibers, pultruded carbon fiber strips for structural reinforcements, alkali-resistant mesh of s of fiberglass for textile reinforcement of plasters and mortars, bentonite or elastomer based swelling tapes, two-component resin for crack injection, foam concrete, self-compacting concrete, ceiling, wall and column formwork, hybrid lifting stations, pipe system with movable covers, aluminum reactive liquid hardener, suspended gypsum plasterboard systems, pipe systems for water supply and drainage, mineral, sulphate-resistant waterproofing system for sealing water under pressure, two-component injection liquid to create a horizontal barrier in the wall, fastening and consolidation of masonry structures, pneumatic waste collection, CF-CPSW concrete-filled composite plate shear walls, floating house, tabique walls, low-emission concrete, holographic models, EEG electroencephalography in construction, biogeotechnics microbial geotechnology in soil improvement (biocementation, bioclogging and biogas desaturation), quantum sensing in civil engineering and underground geophysical monitoring, ground risk using geostatistics, piling lift cell method, electro-chemical advanced oxidation process for the treatment of urban stormwater, state of the art of urine treatment technologies (ozonation, membranes, electro-chemical systems, NH3 stripping, PO4 precipitation, nitrification, distillation, alkaline dehydration), concrete maturity, screed robotics, lifting gyroscopic technology, single-drum autonomous asphalt compactor, dynamic sewer network inspection tool (pH, temperature, conductivity, redox potential), direct reduced iron with hiydrogen, construction critical path and earned value analysis, artificial intelligence and robotics in construction project tracking, LiDAR (laser imaging, detection and ranging), vSLAM (visual simultaneous localization and mapping), autonomous excavator system and terrain traversability mapping, martian concrete without water (silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and molten sulfur), ultrasound technology in concrete production, UPV ultrasonic pulse velocity test, ASR alkali-silica reaction (concrete cancer), CT computed tomography in civil engineering (microstructure: ultra-high performance concrete, fibre reinforced concrete), dewatering tube system (suspended solids, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation), foundation cube system for use in confined spaces, compaction and paving digital management, modular geothermal panels, fossil-free steel, MOE molten oxide electrolysis steel production, plant-based lignin in road construction, 2D material (graphene), steel slag, bio-based building materials (algae, seaweed, reed, mussels, eelgrass, loam, mycelium, banana fibre, cellulose, bacteria, moss, linseed, hemp, cork, sugarcane, jute, casein, rice husk), desalination, construction safety smart helmets, geotechnical real-time monitoring data analysis, SAA shape accel array (advanced inclinometer-like instruments used for monitoring: deformation of diaphragm walls, sheet pile walls and other earth retention systems, differential settlements in foundations and structures, especially during jet grouting operations), interferometric synthetic aperture radar (satellite sensing technology for ground displacement mapping), the effect of construction vibrations on an ultra luxury residential building during refurbishment, construction machinery electrification, trombe wall (passive solar heating system), accropode, smart gravel, mineral insulating foam, LC3 limestone calcined clay cement, bubble barrier, concrete fiber reinforcement, ECC cementitious composite (bendable concrete - nacre), rockfall alert, high-density fluid for pumped hydro storage, sewer robotics, concrete with carbon dioxide injection, mineralizing carbon underground and soil stabilization (soil biocementation), ISP intelligent structural panel, umbrella column (hollow vault), sponge construction (flood water storage, flood water treatment, potable water reclamation, hydropower generation), advanced wastewater treatment plant (thermal hydrolysis), automated layout plans, construction crane camera monitoring, energy harvesting in concrete, piezoelectricity in concrete, internal curing of concrete, saturated fine lightweight aggregate, SAP superabsorbent polymer, nanomaterials in water and wastewater treatment, soil remediation, vaults and domes, integrated facade engineering, spine frames and earthquake, diagrid, kinetic facade, Yakisugi (carbonized wood), helicoidal wooden staircase, SEB structural engineered bamboo, biocomposites, lightweight studs made of wood-based pulp, biaxial voided slab, opus (quadratum, caementicium, incertum, reticulatum, latericium, mixtum, craticium), rubblization, superstructure, underpinning, CSRE cement stabilized rammed earth, regenerative bioconcrete (bacterial concrete), hydroceramics (hydrogel bubbles), linoleum (linseed oil, natural resin, ground cork dust, wood flour, powdered limestone), bioplastics (soybean), MDF medium density fibreboard with potato starch, geopolymer technology. All this knowledge is not very important in the standard construction process. But pure ultra luxury is different.

Run away from firms that use affiliate marketing in ultra luxury real estate. My only interest is my client. Say goodbye to the oxymoron "good enough ultra luxury". Ultra luxury is never good enough. The Carlovich goes beyond ultra luxury.

My sentinel intelligence allows me to detect threats in ultra luxury real estate construction quality before anyone else. The ultra luxury construction method must be different from the luxury construction method. The Carlovich consultancy is the only expert in this niche field. Are you looking for someone special and rare? For someone with significant skills and integrity? I hope so because you're extra special and distinctive. I bring emotional intelligence, care, thoughtfulness and provide extreme value to my demanding clients. My international reputation is more valuable than money. My character is more valuable than my reputation. For me, it makes sense to think outside the box and build a category of one where my uniqueness quotient is my value proposition. Are you demanding enough of me to hire me?

The history of the Villa [my favourite landscape architecture design]: The Villa d'Este is a 16th-century villa in Tivoli, near Rome, famous for its terraced hillside Italian Renaissance garden and especially for its profusion of fountains. The plans for the villa itself were carried out under the direction of the Ferrarese architect-engineer Alberto Galvani, court architect of the Este. The chief painter of the ambitious internal decoration was Livio Agresti from Forlì. In 1565 and 1566, work began on the decoration of the interior of the villa. The decoration was carried out by a team of painters under Girolamo Muziano and Federico Zuccari. In 1566, the Cardinal made his fifth effort to be elected Pope, but once again he was defeated, and he was excluded by the new pontiff, Pope Pius V, from any more official appointments. He turned more and more of his attention to the decoration of his villa. New teams of painters and stucco workers laboured on the task between 1567 and 1572, under the direction of Girolamo Muziano, Livio Agresti, Cesare Nebbia, Durante Alberti, Metteo Neroni and Federico Zuccari. The painters were joined by sculptors Giovan Battista della Porta, Pirrino del Galgliardo, Gillis van den Vliete, Giovanni Malanca and Pierre de la Motte. They were joined by ceramists and mosaic artists, as well as fountain engineers, led by Pirro Ligorio, the original designer of the project, who returned to finish the work in 1567–68. The architect-antiquarian Ligorio employed sculptural remains of the Villa Adriana in the Vatican gardens in his design of the nearby Villa d’Este. Built as one of the most splendid garden ensembles in Renaissance Italy, Ligorio’s design for Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este (1509–1572) remains celebrated for its festive waterworks and terraced gardens. Like the descriptions of ancient villas consulted by Renaissance architects, the Villa d’Este commands spectacular vistas over the Roman Campagna from its position high in the hills of Tivoli above the Villa Adriana. Between 1563 and 1565, a huge amount of earth was excavated and used to construct new terraces; arcades, grottos, niches and nymphaeums. The nearby river Aniene was diverted to furnish water for the complex system of pools, water jets, channels, fountains, cascades and water games. The steep slope of the garden, more than 45 metres (148 ft) from top to bottom, posed special challenges. Canals were dug and 200 metres (660 ft) of underground pipes were laid to carry the water from the artificial mountain under the oval fountain to the rest of the garden. Following the aesthetic principles of the Renaissance, the garden was carefully divided into regular units, or compartments, every 30 metres (98 ft) across, laid out along a longitudinal median axis, with five lateral axes. The Hundred Fountains were another celebrated marvel of the gardens in the Renaissance. They are located between the oval fountain and the Fontana di Rometta, and there are actually nearly three hundred spouts fed by three parallel canals, one above the other. Along the edge of the upper canal there are spouts in the form of lilies, the emblem of France, alternating with the d'Este eagle, boats and obelisks; all spraying water in a fan shape. The water is captured by the second canal, which feeds it into spouts in the form of masks, from which it reaches the lower canal.

Contact me by email and let me know why would you like to hire me to help you build or choose a high-quality ultra luxury property. I'm not good at ignoring one of the most substantial global public health challenges of the last 100 years. Thus, I'm neither not good at ignoring the quality in ultra luxury. I'm paying great attention to hygienic measures and acting responsibly toward myself, my immunocompromised clients and healthy but cautious clients. I'm a responsible consultant that never acts nonchalantly. My ultra luxury is my health. I'm reducing the risk of constant symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 reinfection and subclinical / clinical manifestations of short-term and long-term consequences. The Carlovich clients are serious and conscientious people who know that their health comes first and that money is a replaceable resource. When you're out of it, you can earn it back. You can't say the same for health. As an empathetic person with high moral values, I always choose clients with similar values. When COVID-19 cautious people meet, they don't have to talk about the pandemics. But the fact that they know they could is fantastic and liberating. I actively follow all scientific research about COVID-19 (biosafety level: BSL-2, BSL-2 Enhanced and BSL-3). Pandemic behaviours are a good indication of someone's morals and judgement of character. I got vaccinated with all recommended vaccine doses against COVID-19 and other diseases. Vaccination is a friend of my health and my responsibility toward society. The next step in the pandemic is the development of a pan-coronavirus vaccine. The purpose of the pan-coronavirus vaccine is to provide immunity against future coronaviruses, as well as protection against the current one. Next-generation vaccines and treatments are needed because we need tools that improve our bodies' ability to stop infections, reduce transmission, protect against severe illness, build longer-lasting immunity and target parts of the virus that are less likely to evolve. Such vaccines and treatments would provide better protection, enabling us to avoid disruptions in our lives and continue to enjoy the activities we value. The focus is on three main areas: vaccines that provide broader immunity both against new variants and across the family of epidemic-prone sarbecoviruses, vaccines that generate effective mucosal immunity to block infection and transmission, and monoclonal antibodies that can weather viral evolution and serve as a basis against new threats from beta-coronaviruses. Some clients can't take vaccines due to medical reasons, so I also need to be careful while working with these clients because I don't want to endanger them. Community immunity is when enough of the community has immunity to a contagious disease, so community members who can’t be vaccinated are protected from infection. If you reduce the number of people who can get the disease, you limit the opportunity for the disease to spread. Since February 2020, I'm regularly wearing an FFP2 respirator (94% filter efficiency) or P100 (99.97% filter efficiency) elastomeric half-mask respirator and using a hospital-grade disinfectant. Masking shows you respect and follow the science. Masking shows you are willing to protect yourself and your community. Masking shows you value the safety and well-being of the people around you. Masking shows you do not view high-risk people as expendable. If you don't care about repeat COVID-19 infections, then my humble opinion is you shouldn't hire me. Why? Because we don't share the same values and I will tell you something you probably won't like to hear. I will tell you this: "With every COVID-19 infection, you risk your health in the long run. If you risk your health, do you care about others? If you don't value your health, then there isn't anything ultra luxurious in your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is not ultra luxurious but risky. There is nothing neither luxurious nor ultra luxurious in having bad health. Why to purchase or build an ultra luxury property? I don't see the point." So, my honest advice is not to hire me if you're neglecting your health. In this case, my service is too valuable for you. Just choose one nice property you prefer, without me, and - that's it. If you're ignoring COVID-19 to cope with the pandemic trauma, it doesn't mean that COVID-19 is ignoring you. Confronting uncomfortable realities about the world requires uncomfortable reality exploration in the self and not the careless denialism. If you live in denialism, how will you cherish my advice regarding ultra luxury real estate quality? Unfortunately, denialism will assist you in ignoring all the facts about the construction quality and the design exclusivity - so indeed, any property will be just fine for you. Immunocompromised persons can be both children and the elderly. If you're keen to endanger my health and thus the health of all my clients, you can't become my client. I'm doing my best to help my clients avoid the long-term effects of COVID-19. The best way to avoid long-term effects of COVID-19 is to avoid getting COVID-19 at first place. Also, COVID-19 reinfections increase the risk of developing chronic health issues. People call Long COVID-19 by many names, including Post COVID-19 conditions, long-haul COVID-19, post-acute COVID-19, long-term effects of COVID-19 and chronic COVID-19. The term PASC post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection is also used to refer to a subset of Long COVID-19. Reinfection should be avoided if possible. Reinfection shouldn't be the mechanism by which people aspire to get immunity. Although symptomatic COVID-19 infection predisposes patients to develop complications, the asymptomatic COVID-19 infection state is of public health importance, being a hidden source of infection. Patients might experience long-term health effects with different symptoms after asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, and the prevalence of various symptoms might vary in children and adults. If you or your family member is immunocompromised or just precautious, we can perform a viral test before every meeting in person. My clients like me to be healthy and ultra precautious, especially during the ultra luxury property management phase. My extraordinary clients don't want an uncaring person visiting their homes and don't want to expose themselves and their children to repeat COVID-19 infections. My healthy clients who aren't immunocompromised also take all precautions to avoid infection. I don't support the Sisyphean Cycle (panic-neglect-panic) style of life. The "Semmelweis reflex" is when people reflexively reject information that would contradict their beliefs. COVID-19 is different from common cold NL63. COVID-19 and NL63 are caused by different strains of coronavirus, namely SARS-CoV-2 and HCoV-NL63, respectively. SARS-CoV-2 has a spike protein that binds more strongly to the ACE2 receptor than HCoV-NL63, which may allow it to infect more cells and cause more damage. COVID-19 can infect not only the respiratory system but also the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the kidneys, the liver and the skin. NL63 mainly infects the respiratory system. Are you sure you are keen to accept multiple COVID-19 infections? What about health effects after 1, 5, 10, 20, 40 years? Will you be able to enjoy ultra luxury lifestyle in the long run? Maybe yes, maybe no. I always suggest people to try to avoid as many reinfections as possible. Ask the immunocompromised persons if they feel at ease when a construction worker needs to enter their property. An immunocompromised person wants to know which viral and bacterial infections can be brought into their home by an irresponsible repairman. To immunocompromised people, almost every disease poses an extensive risk. If you don't understand that, you aren't my ideal client. I prefer health to money. I care about mine and the health of all my clients. The hygiene strategies that immunocompromised individuals use to stay safe are the same measures many caring people adopt. My clients know they need to be ultra healthy to run their businesses and to be here for their families. My clients care. When you care, it's a life worth living. Without health there is no financial stability as an essential part of ultra luxury lifestyle. The Carlovich consultancy is well known for having the highest medical and hygienic standards. Ultra luxury lifestyle means nothing without health. Health is priceless. Immunocompromised, immunodeficient, immune dysregulated, immunosuppressed and immunomodulated people (this list does not include all medical conditions that place a person at higher risk of severe illness from various infections): have primary or secondary immunodeficiency; have a genetic disorder; are overweight; with undernutrition; are pregnant; have had a transplant (heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, intestine) and take medicine to prevent rejection; with a bone marrow transplant (hematopoietic stem cell transplant); with diabetes type I or type II; with mononucleosis; with HIV human immunodeficiency virus infection; with AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; with GVHD chronic graft-versus-host disease; with a primary immunodeficiency (Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia, DiGeorge syndrome, SCID severe combined immunodeficiency disease, chronic granulomatous disease); with an autoimmune or chronic inflammatory disease (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, lupus, IBD inflammatory bowel disease); with neutropenia; with immunoglobulin replacement therapy; receiving medicine that lowers the function of B or T cells; have cancer (solid or blood-related: leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma); receiving radiation and chemotherapy; with CAR T-cell therapy; with the myelodysplastic syndrome; without a spleen; with sickle cell anaemia; with aplastic anaemia; with thalassaemia; with chronic kidney disease (stage 4 or 5); with chronic liver disease; with chronic lung disease (asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension); have cystic fibrosis; have Alzheimer's disease; have dementia; have schizophrenia spectrum disorder; have depression; have cerebrovascular disease; have a substance use disorder; have a tuberculosis; have cerebral palsy; have Down syndrome; have heart conditions (coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies, hypertension); receiving hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis; receiving a specific medicine (prednisone, azathioprine, methotrexate, leflunomide, mycophenolate mofetil or sodium, abatacept, tocilizumab, cyclophosphamide, cyclosporine, tacrolimus, infliximab, etanercept, adalimumab, golimumab, certolizumab, rituximab, ocrelizumab, ofatumumab, belimumab, secukinumab, guselkumab, ustekinumab, ixekizumab, tofacitinib, baricitinib, anifrolumab, natalizumab). My clients and I use PAPR powered air-purifying respirators when visiting construction site. There are common construction activities where people are frequently exposed to respirable crystalline silica, the most notable are stonemasonry, grinding and abrasive blasting. Respirable crystalline silica causes lung cancer, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney disease. Being careful signals respect for others' well-being, and it's associated with good etiquette. You never know who around you might have a weakened immune system or live with someone vulnerable. People who don't care have nothing to lose. I think of the most vulnerable person when deciding what precautions to take. If you don't like my responsible behaviour, you can easily find another consultant because people like money and usually don't have principles. People tend to do anything to get ahead. A principle is an approach you stick with even if you know it might lead to a short-term outcome you don’t prefer. Principles speak about behaviour that goes beyond the moment. "If there is anything that links the human to the divine, it is the courage to stand by a principle when everybody else rejects it." - Abraham Lincoln. It's nice to be healthy and pretend to be brave and not worry about those who need our responsibility. That's not bravery but negligence. I'm different, responsible and I care. The limit of the individual's freedom is up to the level at which it does not endanger another individual. No one should endanger the health of my immunocompromised clients. Clients with various religions and from all continents are welcome. LGBTQIA+ clients are welcome. Inclusion is the foundation of The Carlovich firm. All races and ethnicities, all religions, those who are not religious, all sexual orientations, all gender identities, all languages and all disabilities are welcome. Clients with mobility, neurological, visual, hearing and speech impairments are welcome. Clients with rare diseases also deserve an ultra luxury lifestyle, and I am here for them. The Carlovich firm doesn't support ableism which is the discrimination of and social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior. In an ableist society, it's assumed that the normal way to live is as a non-disabled person. Why do I emphasize this? Because many people think that an ultra luxury lifestyle is without challenges. But real life is something different. All clients are valued and respected. Having a disability or impairment isn't a weakness but a strength. It's an art, a way of living that requires constant ingenuity. I'm proud of my open-mindedness because I'm prejudice-free. While working with me, you can expect to be supported and encouraged. Am I living in an ultra luxury property? No. I'm living in modern and minimalist apartments. I live in Rijeka, Croatia and in the city of Pag on the island of Pag, Croatia. I don't consider them as my only home. Maybe that's because I travel for business a lot. Sometimes, somewhere you are born but somewhere else you belong. I haven't found out yet where I belong. But, I like living in Croatia. I don't need to move to Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Mumbai or Shanghai to show I'm an excellent ultra luxury real estate consultant. To show that somehow I am worthy. I believe in myself, so I don't need to pretend or prove anything. I don't have to live in an ultra luxury property and have ultra luxury lifestyle to be an excellent ultra luxury consultant. Usually, the baker doesn't like to eat the cakes it makes. Although, you can't purchase high-quality ultra luxury properties in every country because there are no any on the market. But you can build one. Just, I don't want to own a house yet. An apartment is more convenient for my lifestyle and travel. If you are looking for a famous consultant with an ultra luxury lifestyle, I'm not a good option for you. Which luxury do I like? Luxury in sleeping because I need a good night of sleep, luxury in travelling because my clients are paying me 24 hours a day, and I need efficient and safe transport, luxury in health because I need to be healthy to provide an excellent service. I'm extraordinary and at the same time uncommon. Faced with something apparently impossible, I'm inspired. It's easy to do nothing and settle. The Carlovich consultancy doesn't hold any certifications because I don't need external approval that is trying to guarantee my abilities. Don't be addicted to approval of others. People's desire for approval drives conformity. Who certifies a certificate issuer? I'm not a member of any associations or organizations, so I'm completely independent. Only an independent firm can genuinely care about its clients. Being a trusted consultant is more than knowing. It's about character. As a trusted person, I'm at your disposal and will give you honest advice without thinking about my own interest. I'm thinking things through. I treat whatever is the current consensus with scepticism. I'm true to the interests of clients' lives I want to improve. The majority leaves out the people who go first, who change things, who are weird and who challenge the status quo. It doesn't take much effort to do what everyone else is doing. It's easy to fit in. When you do something that everyone else is doing, you’re likely to get what everyone else is getting. I'm a creative, insightful, empathetic, extremely private, perfectionistic, passionate, altruistic and quiet yet very inspiring and tireless idealist. I tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. My inner vision, personal values, and a quiet, principled version of humanism guide me in all things. I have a deep sense of idealism and integrity. When I encounter inequity or unfairness, I tend to think, "How can I fix this?". I just need to remember that while I'm busy taking care of the world, I need to take care of myself too. I rarely settle for "good enough", and my willingness to disrupt the status quo may not please everyone. My goal is to behave in a way that will help the people around me and make the world a better place. I enjoy finding the perfect solution for the people I care about. To do this, I draw on my vivid imagination and my strong sense of compassion. This makes me a reliable ultra luxury real estate advisor. I'm excellent at researching crucial information. Due to my natural desire for research, I analyse ultra luxury construction methodology and create conclusions and decisions that are the best for my client. I don't follow the popular opinions of the masses. My insight enables me to spot unusual patterns and come up with out-of-the-box solutions, creating real change in others’ lives. A change worth making. For the majority, change is uncomfortable. But I serve the minor minority. There’s always something just below the surface, the ultra luxury residential property features that most people don’t notice. Knowledge means being aware enough to choose what you pay attention to. My knowledge and experience allow me to know what I don't need to know. That's the most precious point to reach in life because the world around us is full of unimportant facts. To learn to know what you need to know is priceless. You must recognize what's not important to know. My clients benefit from not knowing what I need to know to properly advise them. I'm now more selective about what I read every day. I invest a lot in civil engineering, urbanism and residential architecture books. I suppose that bookshops are very happy with me. Why do I like buying new books? Maybe I feel that I always need to know more and more to be an excellent consultant? Yes, probably. But lately, I perceive that I know enough and that I'm enough. It's nice to reach that point in life. The point where you can amaze your clients with personality. The point where you can start to relax and enjoy after two decades of studying and hard work. Does my structural engineering degree mean that I'm competent? Definitely not. Qualification is different from competence and formal education is different from learning. I also learn how to learn from people I disagree with. I'm always ready to hear you if I don't have the same opinion about something. Teachability is very important. A degree shows you are interested in a specific field and that you spent some time exploring it. Leraning doesn’t stop on graduation day, and those who believe that are eternally condemned to mediocrity. What I don't like about the ultra luxury real estate industry? Everyone is trying so hard to look ideal. What're we hiding? Are we really flawless? Do we need a suit, a professional photographer and a tie to be useful and remarkable? I don't think so. You'll find my standard photo on this website. I'm not a model, and I'm not a social media influencer. I don't crave for fame and followers. I rather influence people in real life. Unfortunately, we usually notice the people that are artificially selected to seem like the right ones. My hobbies? Bodybuilding and swimming. Caring for others and kindness are the essences of my existence. I enjoy helping others. For example, I never understood why countries spend so much on unimportant things while, at the same time, so many homeless people sleep on the street. It's terrible to see so many homeless people in Los Angeles. It's the consequence of human negligence. Most of my clients are also worried about this. They are not socially insensitive if they enjoy an ultra luxury lifestyle. One of the best projects I have seen is a mobile shower for the homeless in Los Angeles. I respect inspiring mobile shower teams in many cities around the world because they bring something essential to homeless people. The Carlovich is not just another transactional firm but stands for something. The Carlovich shows that millionaires and billionaires care about society as a whole. It shows that the ultra luxury lifestyle isn't a mask for negligence and complacency. I discuss crucial topics with my clients through The Carlovich Think Tank, and we're creating a space for debate, generating ideas and providing intellectual resources to the public. I care about many topics like homelessness, vaccine access, pandemics, public health, healthcare, education, global economy and politics, geoeconomics, geopolitics, history, racism, wealth inequality, malnutrition, access to clean drinking water, infrastructure epidemiology and pandemic-resilient design, AMR antimicrobial resistance, edge computing, impact investing, climate change, extreme weather, biodiversity loss, deforestation, energy and food supply, global warming, the environment, recycling and circular economy, gender equality, refugee rights, conflict and war zones, migrations, the right to live in peace, infectious diseases, social housing, disability rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, cybersecurity, children's rights, rare diseases, corruption, mental health, democracy, global cooperation, glass ceiling, ageism, press freedom, disinformation, digital divide, gerrymandering, child labour, human trafficking, tax evasion and avoidance, money laundering, global risks, sustainable agriculture, access to sanitation and hygiene, wastewater treatment and coastal ecosystems, desertification, land degradation and drought, sustainable economic growth, caregiving, sustainable tourism, sustainable public transport, sustainable urban planning, developing countries, small island developing states, poly-crisis, inflation, stagflation, asset and wealth management, societal polarization, renewable energy, green hydrogen, air pollution, fintech, financial inclusion, medtech, contech, deep and green tech, BIPOC, neurodivergence, generative AI, web 3.0, global supply chain, industry 5.0, metaverse, DEI diversity, equity and inclusion, ESG environmental, social and corporate governance, raw materials, CCUS carbon capture, utilization and storage, CO2 sequestration, DAC direct air capture, CO2 storage.

Without a dream and a strong will, you are not living but existing. Enlightenment means having wisdom, exceptional compassion, knowledge, spiritual insight and recognizing how interconnected everything is. Sageness, honesty and empathy in a person's actions, words and thoughts are rare. My clients live in a value-driven world. Being the best means being totally committed to mastery. Character is the path of mastery. My clients like to work with someone they can trust and rely on. The success is always about quality. Success always leaves footprints. I'm creating experiences and work with people of substance to accomplish goals of substance. I like to meet my clients at their high level of expectations. If you expect a lot, you receive a lot. Without high expectations, you won't be disappointed but will lose enthusiasm. With high expectations, you can be disappointed in the short term. But as you know, we're here for the long run. My clients don't like instant results because instant results aren't genuine. When we finally reach an ultra luxury property, you and future generations will live with enthusiasm. My enthusiasm affects my clients. You will remember forever how The Carlovich consultancy made you feel. That's precious and rare. My clients are unique. You're unique. Very often, people will be intimidated by you because you are different. People don't know how to accept someone who doesn't follow the crowd. They're not used to someone who doesn't try to fit in. So instead of bolstering your uniqueness, they will make you feel weird. Be proud to be unique and be proud to be weird. If you don’t embrace your uniqueness, you will spend your entire life striving to conform to the impossibility of being someone else. If you can't afford me, I'm not here for you, I don't exist for you, and my vision isn't for you. High-quality clients who support the work and purpose of the company's existence come by themselves. You don't need to chase, catch and pull them. Character is a powerful defence in a world that would love to be able to tempt you and change you. We live in one of the most morally compromising periods in history. It is perhaps unique that we live in a time in which we are simultaneously more aware of the rights of others and, at the same time, are more willing than ever to ignore these rights to secure better lives for ourselves at the expense of others. The Carlovich consultancy is different. I'm changing the rules and raising the bar by doing it better than anyone else. It gives irresistibility, meaning, peace of mind, connection and possibility. Limitations are invitations. I see possibilities in a situation where others see limitations. That's why I'm leading, not following. It involves elegance, patience, authenticity and empathy. With patience, you can dream bigger. I'm evoking in others the capacity to dream. I'm doing something worthwhile for above-average clients. A step closer to the client's dreams and desires. Of course, my goal is to be working with the smallest audience possible. People may not always understand my choices because it does not fit into their standard way of living. I and my clients aren't living in a standard way. I'm a difference-maker that sets a new standard in ultra luxury real estate. A true difference-maker is never famous. Aristotle wrote of the "magnanimous man". It's a person that lives by a higher or more rigorous code than the average person, but not in a vain way. Character is the differentiator that stands the test of time. I'm leaving my mark by creating positive change in the lives of others to make the world a better place. I'm always improving, reinventing and transforming the ultra luxury lives of my clients. Consider this wise text when buying or building ultra luxury real estate: "There is hardly anything in the world that cannot be made a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and those who consider price alone are that man's lawful prey. It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better." - Chicago Daily Tribune, 29 January 1928.

I handle my success with humility, live with integrity and I'm a person of excellence. If you can't afford my ultra luxury real estate consulting services, then my firm is not for you. Four new regular clients per year are more than enough. I have more time to pamper the ones I serve.

The Carlovich consultancy offers a unique solution and has a limited number of new clients. I serve just the most demanding ones. The Carlovich Lobby (pre-consultancy) one-time enrollment fee: £251,040.00 + 20% VAT. The Carlovich Time Slot daily consultancy fee: £125,520.00 + 20% VAT. The Carlovich Premium Care Club annual membership fee: £52 million + 20% VAT (£13 million goes to The Carlovich Foundation). You're not paying me for my civil engineering knowledge. Anyone can learn anything. But people that give fair advice based on wisdom, transcendent purpose, character, excellence and integrity are rare. I'm extending beyond the mediocre limits of ordinary client experience. I'm one of a kind. Like you are, too. True brands stand for something meaningful. That's what're you paying me for.

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: The Villa Medici is a Mannerist villa and an architectural complex with a garden contiguous with the larger Borghese gardens, on the Pincian Hill in Rome, Italy. The Villa Medici, founded by Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, has housed the French Academy in Rome since 1803. In ancient times, the site of the Villa Medici was part of the gardens of Lucullus, which passed into the hands of the Imperial family with Messalina. In 1564, when the nephews of Cardinal Giovanni Ricci of Montepulciano acquired the property, it had long been abandoned to viticulture. The sole dwelling was the Casina of Cardinale Marcello Crescenzi, who had maintained a vineyard here and had begun improvements to the villa under the direction of the Florentine Nanni Lippi, who had died, however, before work had proceeded far. The new proprietors commissioned Annibale Lippi, the late architect's son, to continue work. Interventions by Michelangelo are a tradition. In 1576, the property was acquired by Cardinal Ferdinando de' Medici, who finished the structure to designs by Bartolomeo Ammanati. The Villa Medici became at once the first among Medici properties in Rome, intended to give concrete expression to the ascendancy of the Medici among Italian princes and assert their permanent presence in Rome. Under the Cardinal's insistence, Ammanati incorporated into the design Roman bas-reliefs and statues that were coming to sight with almost every spadeful of earth, with the result that the facades of the Villa Medici, as it now was, became a virtual open-air museum. A series of grand gardens recalled the botanical gardens created at Pisa and at Florence by the Cardinal's father Cosimo I de' Medici, sheltered in plantations of pines, cypresses and oaks. Ferdinando de' Medici had a studiolo, a retreat for study and contemplation, built to the northeast of the garden above the Aurelian wall. Now, these rooms look onto Borghese gardens but would then have had views over the Roman countryside. These two rooms were only uncovered in 1985 by the restorer Geraldine Albers: the concealing whitewash had protected and conserved the superb fresco decoration carried out by Jacopo Zucchi in 1576 and 1577.

When you really think about and look an ultra luxury property, you see the details. Are you afraid to think about, look and see the details? But also be aware that what's essential isn't visible. Unfortunately, the bait-and-switch strategy in ultra luxury is common. Are you afraid to take demanding path in making a home? When you’re afraid of something, you must turn toward the source of your fear. What does it mean to be happy with a chosen ultra luxury property? It means not choosing the property others have been nudging you to choose. Your choices about ultra luxury real estate and your need to justify those choices create biases. Ideal ultra luxury should have a deep meaning. Buying an ultra luxury property isn't an event but a journey. There are no boundaries in how many of ultra luxury is enough if we choose not to see them. Be aware of incapable people that try to limit your dreams. The incapable are capable of incapacitating the capable. If you aim for mediocrity, you will achieve it. Mediocrity lacks passion with purpose. A lack of purpose is what makes you tired. My commitment is so high that I can't be mediocre even if I want to be. Good enough isn't good enough for me. My client wants to experience, not transaction. All potential clients apply through The Carlovich Lobby (pre-consultancy, one-time enrollment fee: £251,040.00 + 20% VAT) and meet me through The Carlovich's E2EE mobile app. I've introduced this one-time fee to allure just serioseus clients. The Carlovich Lobby pre-consultancy period enables the client to understand and align on the crucial ultra luxury principles before deciding to further investment. If you don't share The Carlovich's values, you can't be the client. I'm not here for everyone. In The Carlovich Lobby (pre-consultancy), we will stay in touch by E2EE private messaging and video calls so we can get to know each other and you can find out more about my ultra luxury real estate consultancy services. We will also organise an introductory meeting in London or near you. London reminds me of my beginnings, hard work and perseverance. Perseverance is a journey. When we persevere, we develop maturity. You can't become a regular client before we meet in person and talk about your plans. We'll discuss why you should hire me and why you shouldn't. One of the greatest successes of a consultant with character is when a consultant helps a client conclude that further advisory isn't necessary at a given moment, and that together they will continue to look for the best solution for an ultra luxury home. I get to know my clients at a human level and learn what’s important to them. My clients go where they are celebrated, not tolerated. Everyone can tell you why you should use their services. But in our correspondence, I will tell you why you shouldn't use my services. Without hiring me, you will walk faster through an easier path. Which path are you looking for? You won't like me and don't need me if you want to buy an ultra luxury property fast without any additional deep analysis. For you to enter The Carlovich Lobby (pre-consultancy), I need to perform KYC Know Your Client check. I trust but verify. You need to send an ID card scan or a passport scan by The Carlovich's E2EE private mobile app and pay a one-time enrollment fee from the bank account whose owner is the same person as a person stated on the ID card or passport. You can stay in The Carlovich Lobby (pre-consultancy) as long as you need. Communication is just in the English language because translation service is not a good option due to privacy concerns. Due to the high quality of service and personal approach, I accept a limited number (4) of new regular clients per year. I'm not trying to please everyone but the audience of one. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Be comfortable with waiting longer for what you deserve. When you decide to start with the consultancy, and as soon as I can accept you as a regular client, you will need to know more about The Carlovich Time Slot, which duration equals one day (1 CTS Carlovich Time Slot = 24 CTH Carlovich Total Hours per day, £5,230.00 + 20% VAT / hour = 16 CEBH Carlovich Effective Billing Hours per day, £7,845.00 + 20% VAT / hour) and its quantity depends on work complexity. 24 CTH = 16 CEBH (eight hours of sleep). You're paying for my time when I'm dedicated just to you. Time is the most valuable resource I have. I don't have standard working hours. I provide a high-quality consultancy service, and the client is on my mind all day and even at night. I can't work for you just 8 hours per day and then forget about you. Daily, I travel through many time zones to visit my clients and charging just a few hours a day won't be fair. Sometimes I sleep while the daytime and sometimes at night. It depends on where I am. My clients need between one and two months to decide about an ultra luxury property purchase (my total consultancy fee is between £3,8 million + 20% VAT and £7,7 million + 20% VAT). I don't offer one-day consultancy. Do you need advice or reassurance about an ultra luxury property purchase? It's important to distinguish these two. The old mansion (château) renovation consulting can last up to one year (£45,9 million + 20% VAT). If you plan to purchase an island, I will advise you about geotechnical risk. I love soil mechanics and geotechnics and have extensive knowledge in both fields. The Carlovich Premium Care Club (my availability and the premium care for your ultra luxury property: 24/7/365, 8760 CTH Carlovich Total Hours per year, £5,230.00 + 20% VAT / hour = 5840 CEBH Carlovich Effective Billing Hours per year, £7,845.00 + 20% VAT / hour) is the exclusive private club intended only for The Carlovich clients with the invitation, or you need to be recommended by a current member. Payment method: bank transfer (GBP or EUR according to the BOE Bank of England 52 wk-high exchange rate). Payment frequency - The Carlovich ultra luxury real estate consultancy: monthly; The Carlovich Premium Care Club: monthly, quarterly or annually. The payer bears all bank transfer fees. 20% UK VAT value-added tax is charged where applicable. All costs related to my consultancy work are separately billed. I travel exclusively with private jet service. Usually, business websites are presented in an ideal way. But it's important to note that we're all humans, and we're all experiencing challenging moments in life. These moments define us. People want me to be perfect and often forget that I'm human. But the more human I'm with them, the more trust and empathy they lend to me. When we share hard moments, people can easier connect with us because they know that we're genuine. Vulnerability is a sign of courage. We become more resilient and brave when we embrace who we truly are. Vulnerability allows us to be authentic, instead of trying to please others. For example, I struggled with speech problems during my early childhood. My nonna, unfortunately, passed away on my birthday. A family member got diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. In July 2021, I started The Carlovich Foundation. It has opened my eyes to the rare disease world and those affected by chronic illness. It has given my family a deep compassion for others. Compassion is a beautiful thing. I see the need and act on it through The Carlovich Foundation. The Foundation aims to assist patients with diagnosed Myasthenia Gravis and Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (new treatment methods development support, treatment costs, focus on neuromuscular departments of children's hospitals). I frequently visit neuromuscular departments of children's hospitals that I support through The Carlovich Foundation. Neuromuscular neurologist, rheumatologist, neuro-ophtalmologist and thoracic surgeon assist people suffering from Myasthenia Gravis. MG types are ocular, generalized, transient neonatal, juvenile and congenital. Antibodies in Myasthenia Gravis are acetylcholine receptor (AChR), muscle-specific tyrosine kinase (MuSK), agrin and lipoprotein-related protein 4 (LRP4). Myasthenia Gravis can also be seronegative. The first step is an assay to detect acetylcholine receptor autoantibodies. The CBA cell-based assay is the first choice test. If it's not available, ELISA or RRA can be used. An ELISA is not sufficient and will yield too many false positive results. To maximize the sensitivity and specificity of acetylcholine receptor autoantibodies detection, laboratories should use a radioreceptor assay (RRA). The RRA is the test of choice because, unlike an ELISA, it maintains the three-dimensional structure of the acetylcholine receptor, which is necessary for autoantibody recognition. This assay uses receptors from human muscle in combination with a radio-labeled alpha-bungarotoxin snake venom marker. The venom binds very specifically to acetylcholine receptors without interfering with acetylcholine receptor autoantibodies binding, so there’s no need to purify the receptor. If the RRA result for acetylcholine receptor autoantibodies is positive, a diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis can be confirmed. In the setting of a negative RRA, the clinician should consider the 15% of affected patients who may have been missed - those with seronegative Myasthenia Gravis. Follow-up with a MuSK ELISA will make it possible to identify about 50% of these patients. A quantitative MuSK ELISA is the preferred test. Since therapy may require some time to take effect, by using a sensitive, quantitative assay, clinicians can carefully monitor the efficacy of Myasthenia Gravis treatment. They can detect increases or decreases in autoantibody levels, and modify both treatment and therapeutic decision-making as needed to achieve optimal patient outcomes. In the treatment of Myasthenia Gravis, the target reduction of acetylcholine receptor autoantibodies is 50%, whereas the clinical goal of treatment in MuSK-positive patients is complete elimination of the MuSK autoantibodies. Two of the most valuable additional tests for confirming the diagnosis are CT or MRI of the thymus gland and SFEMG single-fibre electromyography. Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS) is an autoimmune condition in which antibodies attack the nerve endings and stop muscles from contracting, which causes muscle fatigue. LEMS is named after Edward Lambert and Lee Eaton, neurologists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who first described the myasthenic syndrome in the 1950s and 1960s. For half of the people affected, LEMS is often an early sign of lung cancer as the condition is an unusual reaction against cancerous cells (the most common malignancy is SCLC small cell lung cancer, making LEMS a "paraneoplastic syndrome".) Symptoms of LEMS improve with successful treatment of the underlying malignancy. There is also a Myasthenia Gravis Lambert-Eaton overlap syndrome (MLOS). LEMS is very similar to Myasthenia Gravis. Eye muscle weakness is the most common in Myasthenia Gravis. Weakness in LEMS involves the arms and legs, with leg involvement more pronounced than in Myasthenia Gravis. The target of the attack is different in Myasthenia Gravis as the acetylcholine and muscle-specific tyrosine kinase receptor on the muscle cell (postsynapse) are affected, whereas, in LEMS, it's the N-type and P/Q-type voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) on the nerve (motor neuron, presynapse). The most common treatments include pyridostigmine, 3,4-Diaminopyridine (3,4-DAP), prednisone and azathioprine. SC5b-9 is an abbreviation for soluble C5b-9, which is also known as the membrane attack complex (MAC). SC5b-9 is a marker of complement system activation, which is a part of the innate immune system that helps to eliminate pathogens and foreign substances. SC5b-9 is formed when the complement protein C5 is cleaved into C5a and C5b, and C5b binds to C6, C7, C8 and multiple copies of C9 to form a pore-like structure that can insert into cell membranes and cause cell lysis and necrosis. Cell lysis in Myasthenia Gravis is the process of breaking down the cell membrane and releasing the contents of the cell. Cell lysis can cause damage and inflammation at the neuromuscular junction and reduce the number and function of acetylcholine receptors (AChR), which are essential for muscle contraction. C5 is involved in the pathogenesis of Myasthenia Gravis by mediating complement activation and MAC formation at the neuromuscular junction. The binding of AChR autoantibodies to AChR triggers the classical pathway of complement activation, which leads to the generation of C5 convertase and subsequent cleavage of C5. The MAC formed by C5b and other complement components damages the postsynaptic membrane and reduces the number and function of AChR. MAC also induces inflammation and alters synaptic structure and function. Inhibiting C5 is a therapeutic strategy for Myasthenia Gravis by preventing complement activation and MAC formation at the neuromuscular junction. Medicines like eculizumab and ravulizumab target C5 or its cleavage. IVIg (intravenous immunoglobulin) can help Myasthenia Gravis by neutralizing autoantibodies, modulating immune cells and regulating the complement system. Another way to prevent or treat cell lysis is by reducing the production of antibodies that bind to the neuromuscular junction proteins and activate the complement system. This can be achieved by using therapies that target B cells, which are the source of antibodies. One of the therapies that is effective in some Myasthenia Gravis patients is rituximab, a chimeric monoclonal antibody that depletes peripheral B cells by binding to CD20. Rituximab is especially beneficial for patients with anti-MuSK antibodies who do not respond well to conventional immunosuppressive therapies. There is also an option to treat cell lysis by interfering with the recycling of antibodies by the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn), which prolongs their half-life and increases their serum levels. By blocking FcRn, the antibodies can be cleared faster from circulation and reduce their pathogenic effects. Efgartigimod is an FcRn antagonist. A subcutaneous efgartigimod, co-formulated with recombinant human hyaluronidase PH20 (rHuPH20), can be given by an under-the-skin injection that’s easier to administer. Novel therapies for Myasthenia Gravis: zilucoplan, rozanolixizumab, ALXN1720, ALXN2050, batoclimab, nipocalimab, inebilizumab, mezagitamab, satralizumab, tolebrutinib, pozelimab + cemdisiran, HSCT haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, CAR chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, CAAR chimeric autoantibody receptor T-cell therapy, LPE lymphoplasmapheresis. Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis (JMG) is a rare condition in childhood. JMG has many clinical features that are distinct from adult Myasthenia Gravis. Diagnosis in young children is challenging by the need to differentiate from congenital myasthenic syndromes, which do not have an autoimmune basis. Plasma exchange and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) are effective in preparation for surgery and treatment of myasthenic crisis. The child with JMG may become excessively tired after little activity and have problems chewing and swallowing. Drooping eyelids and double vision cause vision problems. Swallowing problems are extremely challenging to live with. Patients with JMG can have attacks of increased weakness, even if they are receiving treatment. Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis is my main point of interest at The Carlovich Foundation. 25% (£13 million) of The Carlovich Premium Care Club annual membership fee goes to The Carlovich Foundation. I care about people, even strangers, and I'm naturally inclined to think about the greater good. When you have more than enough, it's crucial to think about the needs of others. I have more than I need for myself and more than enough for every good cause. The Carlovich is a cause-driven firm. My potential and regular clients can support The Carlovich Foundation regardless if they're members of The Carlovich Premium Care Club. A company without a greater purpose isn't of use to society, and it benefits just the founder and the stockholders. I believe that all challenges in life you overcome, lead to a kinder and wiser person. In the following text, you can find out more about The Carlovich consultancy's main meeting places and not offices where The Carlovich employees work. I don't have any employees. These are the premium meeting places I use the most, but we can arrange a meeting in any place near you. Many companies are trying so hard to show that they have an international presence. To do that, they are listing numerous virtual office addresses and buying many international phone numbers. I don't need that to show my value and international presence. Meeting places are very useful because in this way I can show how much I care about the client. I come to you. Brick-and-mortar "9-to-5" offices are thing of the past: "The Carlovich office is where Alen is". Like I've said - I like small cities. But, sometimes clients prefer to meet in a larger city because it's near the airport.

Kindness goes beyond being nice. There can be a lack of sincerity in just being nice, and there is a perception of doing the minimum. Whereas, being kind is doing voluntary acts of kindness. Not only when it’s easy to be kind, but when it’s hard to be kind.

Ultra luxury is sometimes called hyper luxury. It represents something rare, unique, special, exclusive, limited and of extremely high quality. I don't work overtime to offer a mediocre service to non-demanding clients. I offer an alternative and serve the most interested and demanding clients with an outstanding service. It means some people walk away because they realise it's not for them. If you're looking for an ordinary consultant I'm not a good choice for you. My advice is sought-after and invaluable. No other brand is in the same category as The Carlovich because The Carlovich evolved into a premium category of its own. I'm not irreplaceable, but I'm indispensable. Shortcuts are always in high demand, but I don't provide shortcuts.

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: La Petraia is one of the Medici villas in Castello, Florence, Tuscany, central Italy. It has a distinctive 19th-century belvedere on the upper-east terrace on the axis with the view of Florence. The old castle that already existed in 1362 changed owners several times (Brunelleschi, Strozzi, Alessandra dei Bardi, Salutati) and was finally acquired by the Medici when they returned to Florence in 1530. Transferred from Cosimo I to his son, Cardinal Ferdinando in 1568, it was enlarged and transformed into a Villa on the initiative of the latter who became Gran Duke after the death of his brother Francis I (1587). This general architectural layout, which typically reflects the style of Buontalenti, was later integrated with decorative elements and wall paintings by its owners. The two cycles of frescoes that fully cover the walls of the courtyard belong in fact to the Medici period. The central section of the first fresco by Cosimo Daddi commissioned by the wife of Ferdinando, Cristina of Lorraine, shows the Deeds of Goffredo di Buglione during the siege of Jerusalem. The other fresco commissioned by Lorenzo de' Medici to Baldassarre Franceschini named the "Volterrano" illustrated, in the space below the two loggias, episodes from the Medici's life and can therefore be rightly enough considered one of the most representative examples of Florentine painting in the early 17th century. It was again Ferdinando who commissioned the decoration of the Chapel on the first floor, attributed to Bernardino Poccetti. The walls painting in the chapel on the first floor and some of the rooms were instead executed during the Lorraine period, although the palace owes its present-day layout (iron and glass panels covering the courtyard, its transformation into a large ballroom and the arrangement of the furniture ) to the Savoy. On this occasion, the Savoy brought several fabrics and furniture decor from other residences they owned in Turin, Modena, Lucca and Parma. Even the large garden surrounding the villa bears a trace of the historical stratification of the building. The base layout, clearly dating back to the late 16th century, has been enriched by 18th-19th century additions, such as the so-called "Piano della figurina" decorated with the Fountain of Fiorenza (Niccolo Tribolo, Pierino da Vinci and Giambologna) and the English style park on the northern side, created with the typically romantic taste that characterised the first half of the 19th century.

The Carlovich is avant-garde because my timeless ideas are ahead of time. Ultra luxury real estate is the opposite of trivialization encouraged by mass construction. The role of ultra luxury is to respond to dreams. Dreams are for a lifetime and beyond desire. Ultra luxury lifestyle is not based on artificially created desire. My clients would more willingly purchase or build nothing than a property that does not correspond to their dreams. "Luxury" originates from the Latin "Luxus", meaning "indulgence of the senses, regardless of cost". Ultra luxury is the pinnacle of luxury, beyond the ordinary and beyond the common. Ultra luxury is exclusive, of high quality and unmatched. Ultra luxury offers a sense of pleasure, comfort and satisfaction that is rare and extraordinary. So little is truly exclusive or rare anymore. Ultra luxury is about authenticity, craftmanship, elegance, comfort and value. It's about creating an experience that's exceptional and incomparable. Ultra luxury is the ultimate expression of one's personality, taste and style and is only available to a select few. An ultra luxury home is a masterpiece of architecture, structural engineering, interior design and technology. It's a place to live, entertain, relax and enjoy life. It's a place for family and a gateway to self-discovery, where the pursuit of indulgence intertwines with personal growth and fulfillment. Ultra luxury is an incentive for self-awareness, mindfulness and exploration of one's passions and purpose. Ultra luxury is more than a luxurious impression at first glance. The Carlovich firm is for clients who justifiably demand much more for themselves and their families. Hold tightly to your ultra luxury lifestyle but hold loosely to which ultra luxury property will support it. Because, with The Carlovich firm, building or buying an ultra luxury property is never a predetermined and fast path. Can you afford to purchase or build an ultra luxury property? Do you hesitate? Is a luxury property a safety net and your backup plan? A backup plan can make you feel safer, but a backup plan reduces the likelihood that you will achieve an ultra luxury goal. To enjoy ultra luxury, you have to live without a mediocre backup plan. It's about overcoming that voice in your head that holds you back. You have to be confident and determined. Without escape route. Otherwise, an ultra luxury home isn't for you. People usually lack knowledge about what you are doing and why you like ultra luxury lifestyle. People are often envious because your success makes them look bad. Rarely, people are kind. Kindness comes from the word "cynde", which is an old English word that refers to "my kind" versus "your kind". It's a separation of yourself from others. If you recognize someone as one of your own, you’re going to be more positively predisposed towards that person. Stressful situations are a challenge rather than a threat. A threat is a stress that we feel we can't handle, because we do not feel we have the resources to meet the demands of the situation. In challenging times we need knowledge, originality, purpose and meaning. Divergence generally means two things are moving apart, while convergence implies that two forces are moving together. Divergent thinking explores multiple possible solutions in order to generate creative ideas. Convergent thinking is figuring out the most effective answer to a problem. Divergent thinking is a challenge, and being in a challenge means we are more willing to explore possibilities. Beware of fancy degrees, big offices and advertising campaigns because they can sometimes camouflage a person without character. I adore civil engineering, and I've always had many ideas. These ideas are my side-projects because my main interest has always been ultra luxury real estate consultancy. But when I see that something is missing in the world, that something is worth doing or that something can be better - I want to involve. Everything worth doing is hard. As a student, I have been a team member in a competition that has inspired thousands of students worldwide since 2002. The contests that are the foundation of the competition challenge students to design and build high-performance, low-carbon buildings that mitigate climate change and improve our quality of life through energy efficiency. The winners are those teams that best blend architectural and engineering excellence with innovation. In 2015, I developed an international building materials online supply system. All this reminds me of my persistence and hard work. Nothing valuable in life comes immediately. I like to explore the history of civil engineering, architecture and building materials. Milk paint is my favourite historic building material. Milk paint was used by humanity since before the first recorded history, first as a decoration, and much later as a protective coating. The oldest painted surfaces were painted with milk paint. Cave drawings and paintings made before the 8th century were made with a simple mixture of milk and lime. When King Tutankhamun's tomb was opened in 1924, artefacts including model boats and furniture found in the burial chamber were painted with milk paint. Since the original milk paint formula was so easy to make and use, it's been around for thousands of years and was the main form of decoration throughout the world. In "The Anarchist’s Design Book", one appendix is devoted to milk paint. There are plenty of milk paint recipes from the 1800s, like the one from 1836 in "The Painter’s, Guilder’s and Varnisher’s Manuel…" by Henry Carey Baird. In 1774, an updated edition of "L’Art du Peinture, Doreur, Vernisseur" by Watin was published. Twenty years later, Antoine-Alexis Cadet de Vaux, a French chemist (and friend to Ben Franklin), was experimenting with the distemper recipes in Watin’s book. He published his findings in "Feuille de Cultivateur" around 1793. This was followed by "Memoire sur la peinture au lait" published in 1800. In 1801, "Memoire" was translated and published in London in "The Repertory of Arts and Manufacters". Cadet de Vaux’s recipe was repeated in "The Painter’s and Varnisher’s Guide…" by P. F. Tingry (a Swiss chemist) in 1804. In 1803, milk paint recipes appeared in articles and almanacs in New York and New England and, for the most part, were from the English translation of Cadet de Vaux’s "Memoire". In the late eighteenth century, the mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner devised a standardized colour scheme that allowed him to use consistent terminology to describe even the most subtle chromatic differences. His scheme was then adapted by the Edinburgh flower painter, Patrick Syme. He used the actual minerals that Werner described to create the colour maps. At the same time, he explained them with examples from flora and fauna. Werner's handbook has become an invaluable resource for naturalists and anthropologists including Charles Darwin, who used it for colour recognition in nature during his voyage on HMS Beagle (Her Majesty's Ship Beagle). Werner's terminology gave precision and lyricism to Darwin's pioneering writings, enabling his readers to imagine a world they will never see. First published in 1814, colour nomenclature is a taxonomic guide to the colours of the natural world used by artists and scientists. Werner's nomenclature was often the inspiration for the milk paint hues. The milk paint for wood and interior walls was my hobby and historic preservation. In 2018, I learned about this only original and authentic milk paint from Boston, Massachusetts. Charles Thibeau took more than 140 tries to figure out the perfect milk paint recipe in 1974. He studied historical milk paint recipes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Widener library. In 1974, Charles was interviewed for a Yankee magazine book series about the "Forgotten Arts". Charles Thibeau often used to say: "Since this is not a modern chemical-based paint, it has its drawbacks. But, like heating with wood and homemade baking bread - we think it's worth the effort." Charles Thibeau was ahead of his time. In his early days, Thibeau founded the Ark music venue in Boston, where musicians such as the Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and J. Geils Band performed. Legend has it that The Who were paid $500 for weekend in Ark, when they performed the rock opera Tommy. Charles also had a custom car business with his friend Dave Johnson, and his Bugatti took the first place at the Boston Auto Show in 1970. In 1981, Charles was elected as a member of the Master's Guild in London. Tom Sawyer used milk paint to paint aunt Polly's wooden fence. In fact, I can say that Tom Sawyer did everything so that he would not paint the fence with milk paint. Tom planned to present the fence painting to his friends as desirable work, and the friends would then become eager to do the fence painting instead of him. The work must be difficult enough to be a challenge, but it must also be perceived as important enough that the person wants to accept the challenge. Ben Rogers accepted that challenge. Tom Sawyer has, from apparently the unimportant job of painting the fence, created the impression of an extremely important and responsible job that everyone would want to do. "In order to make a man or boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain." - Mark Twain. Ultra luxury lifestyle is hard to attain. Difficulties in ultra luxury are not a sign that we're doing something wrong. It means we're doing things right and thoroughly. Challenging times make us grow. One of the most important people in the history of milk paint is also Celeste Gallagher. She was handcrafting milk paint samples for over 30 years in Townsend, Massachusetts. Celeste Gallagher lived close to Anne Thibeau, and they knew each other almost all their lives. In 2012, daughter Anne Thibeau and her husband Brian Senecal continued the family tradition. Many companies have tried to copy Charles Thibeau's authentic milk paint recipe, but they have never succeeded. Charles Thibeau knew that no one can copy the best product and therefore never protected the milk paint as intellectual property. Milk paint is one of the most valuable handmade building materials and has a significant history. I'm so proud that I've brought milk paint to Europe. I encouraged clients to proudly leave their creative mark on the world with milk paint. The history of milk paint is so significant that when using milk paint, you feel in touch with tradition. Milk paint represents a dedicated work by Charles Thibeau and many years of perseverance. It's not just an ordinary product. Milk paint is marvellous. It's not a product for the masses but just for a client that can afford it. Firms with lots of clients never impress me. The milk paint is just a beautiful reminiscence because the Thibeau family sold the brand in 2019. I adored this premium product with long and meaningful history. It wasn't about money. It was about doing something valuable (without discounts, without free delivery, with biodegradable and compostable packaging, with CO2 neutrality, and all by using sustainable aviation fuel to transport organic milk paint from the USA to Europe). Clients that don't tend to remain loyal and are constantly looking for the best milk paint offer weren't for me. They would be preventing the quality of the company's work because they do not buy without a discount or free delivery. The worst thing is when a company has loyal customers only when it showers them with points, loyalty cards and huge discounts. The lowest price is the last resort for companies unable to offer anything better than the lowest price.

What word was created by a British nobleman in the 18th century? The meaning of the word, good luck in finding valuable things by accident, refers to the ancient Persian fairy tale characters who were always finding merely through chance.

It's serendipity. The quintessentially serendipitous discovery was the isolation of Penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1929. Serendipity in research is often finding the unexpected, which, when recognised, happily changes the course of the research for good. The coincidences that happen every day of your life are hints that the universe has plans for you. Can you find an ideal and high-quality ultra luxury property by serendipity? Yes, you can, but you shouldn't even try. If you try it, it means you aren't demanding, mature and serious. The sweet spot of serendipity is when you combine it with The Carlovich consultancy. Without knowledge and character, serendipity is only left. Ultra luxury property is too important to rely just on serendipity. You can't plan for serendipity because it happens when you don't expect it. If you plan and expect it, it won't happen.

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: On the European continent, Palladianism replaced the idea of the Roman villa. Palladianism was an architectural style based on the designs of the 16th century Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508 - 1580), widely considered to be one of the most influential individuals in the history of architecture. Palladio was inspired by Roman and Greek architecture, primarily by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio and his ideas on perfect proportion. A key means by which Palladio's ideas spread was through his 1570 publication "I quattro libri dell'architettura" ("The Four Books of Architecture"), a treatise on architecture that contained illustrations and descriptions of his own architecture, together with the Roman buildings that he admired. In Holland, the typology of his villa designs influenced Pieter Post’s villa-palace Huis ten Bosch. Construction of Huis ten Bosch began on 2 September 1645, under the direction of Bartholomeus Drijffhout, and to a design by Pieter Post and Jacob van Campen. It was commissioned by Amalia of Solms-Braunfels, the wife of stadtholder Frederick Henry, on a parcel of land granted to her by the States General. The first stone was laid by Elizabeth of Bohemia. After her husband's death in 1647, Amalia dedicated the palace to him. "Vitruvius Britannicus" ("The British Architect") was an instrumental text in popularising Palladian architecture during the 18th century. It was published in 1715 by Colen Campbell, an architect and pioneer of the Palladian style. Led by the architect-painters Jacob van Campen and Pieter Post, other major artists of the day, such as Gerard van Honthorst, Jacob Jordaens, Thomas Willeboirts Bosschaert, Theodoor van Thulden, Caesar van Everdingen, Salomon de Bray, Pieter Soutman, Gonzales Coques, Pieter de Grebber, Adriaen Hanneman, Pieter Hermansz Verelst and Jan Lievens, filled the Oranjezaal (Orange Hall) with paintings glorifying the late prince. Between 1734 and 1737, the architect Daniel Marot added two wings to the palace, including a new dining room. Over the next century and a half, the palace would change possession from the Nassau family, the king of Prussia, and many stadtholders until the Batavian Revolution in 1795. The government of the newly created Batavian Republic gave the palace to the Batavian (Dutch) people who still own it to this day. The National Art Gallery, predecessor of the Rijksmuseum, was housed in the building from 1800 to 1805. Napoleon Bonaparte's brother, Louis, king of Holland, briefly lived in the palace between 1805 and 1807. When William Frederick, Prince of Orange-Nassau, the only surviving son of the last stadtholder, was proclaimed King of the Netherlands as William I in 1815, he made Huis ten Bosch Palace one of his official residences. It became a favourite location for many members of the royal family. In 1899 the palace was the site of several meetings of the First International Peace Conference at The Hague. During World War I it became the primary residence of Queen Wilhelmina. Queen Wilhelmina and her family were forced to evacuate the palace for Britain (from which the queen's family, but not the queen herself, would move on to Canada) when the German army invaded the Netherlands during World War II. Between 1950 and 1956, the palace was restored and once again became a royal residence. It became the prime residence once more in 1981. The palace has undergone major reconstructions since it was built. Currently, it consists of a central part with two long wings, spanning approximately 110 meters from end to end.

I like clients with unlimited vision regarding their ultra luxury lifestyle. If your dream looks impossible, you're on the right path to ultra luxury. Small-minded people will get envious. Don't let society program you to mediocrity. Many people are doing as little as they have to get by. These people aren't proud of their work and life. When you have excellence, you do more than you have to. When you have a desire for ultra luxury property, your patience is tested. Luxury goal takes time. Ultra luxury goal takes more time. An ultra luxury goal requires a balance of extraordinary patience and tenacity. An ultra luxury property should be a masterpiece, a custom-made, an one-of-a-kind and not mass-produced. No matter when others think ultra luxury lifestyle is impossible, unimaginable or unattainable, it's your lifestyle. Be boldly proud of it. One challenge my clients face is that many people are envious of them. These people are often unkind to them. While many believe that jealous means fearing someone will take what you have, and envious means desiring what someone else has, historical usage shows that both mean "covetous" and are interchangeable when describing desiring someone else's possessions. Being unkind is a reaction to anger with ourselves or our perceived inadequacy. Deliberately unkind people are lacking in their self-worth. Rather than figuring out why they feel that way, they try to drag down the happy and good people instead. I always try to explain to my clients why they shouldn't care about others' opinions about them. Sometimes I think I have too much experience, too much knowledge and too many ideas. But that's why I'm so unique. You either want me to help you choose the best ultra luxury property, or you don't. Either you can afford my consulting services, or you can't. Can you purchase an ultra luxury property without an ultra luxury real estate consultant? Of course, you can. You will save and the chosen option usually later becomes the most expensive one, especially if you're a demanding client. If you think that you don't need my service - that's ok because maybe you aren't at that point in life yet to cherish what it means to cooperate with a person of exceptional excellence and integrity. When you're more experienced, you better understand the people, the values and the world around us. I'm always more than happy to pay for the knowledge and trustworthiness. For a person that I can truly count on every day. In 1735, Benjamin Franklin wrote "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". The Carlovich consultancy firm has high-quality and individual services. Why do I offer just personalized high-quality service? Because I value my knowledge and my work. I invest in learning. Advising you regarding the ultra luxurious property is a very responsible task. I don't sell ultra luxury real estate but I help you to choose the best one for you. Often the best decision may be not to buy a property. My honest advice will be useful to you. I'm not affiliated with property developers or real estate agents so I'm neutral. I'm with you in all phases of ultra luxury real estate selection with an emphasis on quality, construction methodology and building materials. I'm not here just with you, but I'm here for you. I'm honest and direct with my clients, even if it might jeopardise the relationship. I never avoid the "elephant in the room". I don't hide my observations and opinions. I'm truthful with my perspectives and points of view. Some consultants are afraid of the truth because it exposes their weaknesses. For many, it’s easy to rationalize wrong behaviour. Many believe that the ends justify the means. It's important to think about why, what, where and how - especially when it's about ultra luxury real estate. I also consult my clients in these areas: preconstruction phase, visualization, building automation and control, digital building lifecycle, energy and sustainability, cybersecurity for smart buildings, electric vehicles as power storage, 10D BIM building information modeling in construction and electrical design, IoT Internet of Things, future-proof design and construction, advanced construction analytics, geolocation, construction robotics, autonomous scanning, innovative premium building materials, hyperboloid structures, timbrel vaulting, carbon capturing and embodied carbon, operational carbon, responsible building materials sourcing, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, nano-silica, carbon nanotubes, self-sensing concrete (piezoresistive, pressure-sensitive or intrinsically smart concrete), self-cleaning photocatalytic concrete (titanium dioxide), superhydrophobicity, concrete microstructure, ITZ interfacial transition zone in concrete, sensors and tags in construction, artificial intelligence, 360-degree civil engineering photos, cryptocurrency real estate payments, blockchain for enhancing authentication and luxury building material supply chain traceability (the materials, where products come from, their sustainability and the conditions in which they were produced), the tokenization of physical ultra luxury property, smart contract and the use of NFT non-fungible tokens blockchain technology in purchasing ultra luxury real estate, prefabrication, modular construction, augmented reality, ArUco marker, computer vision (YOLOv7, DeepLabv3+, OpenPose, MiDaS), green building, self-healing concrete, vacuum concrete, linear and non-linear finite elements analysis, healthy indoor environment, health insights from wastewater, active house, earthquake resistance, exascale computing in earthquake risk assessment, construction and labour exploitation, construction industry's carbon footprint, generative design, construction optioneering, digital construction planning and monitoring, real-time property monitoring, the mapping of corrosion rate contours of reinforced concrete structures, HPFRCC high-performance fibre-reinforced cementitious composites (HPC high-performance concrete for durability + SCC self-compacting concrete for workability + FRC fibre-reinforced concrete for toughness and ductility), UHPC ultra-high-performance concrete, gardens and landscapes in historic building conservation, fatigue design of steel and composite structures, precast concrete structures, net-zero energy buildings, positive energy buildings, avalanche protection, solar and heat pump systems, shallow geothermal systems, design of joints in steel and composite structures, building physics, design of structures in a seismic area, earth structures with geosynthetic reinforcement, construction in historic building conservation, 3D imaging - the camera system that creates realistic virtual experiences so viewers can explore ultra luxury real estate without having to travel, mixed reality - visualizing and reviewing structural, MEP and other geo-referenced assets by overlaying them onto the real world, reality capture - a mobile mapping system for laser scanning that enables high-quality point clouds of complex buildings like old mansions, multi-sensor underground mapping, ultra luxury property digital twin - collecting and visualizing data over the life cycle of the property and generating an interactive model in real-time (a digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset, its capabilities, and its functionalities, that is fed with data digitally, regularly, or in real-time; digital twins facilitate long-term asset management by predicting potential failures, preventing serious damages from occurring and optimizing its performance; digital twins enable predictions for faster, and more reliable decision-making), ground penetrating radar, blower door test, solar panel and noise analysis, the construction site creation and iteration according to footprint and height, microclimate analysis, 3D reality captures, drone imaging and photogrammetry, wind and sunlight analysis - detailed generative analysis of wind and sunlight shows how wind and sun affect the quality of life in a building, corrosion detection, concrete canvas for erosion control and containment, modern digital elevator systems, hydraulically optimised drainage of high-rise buildings, Nubian vault, mass timber construction, cross-laminated timber (CLT), dowel-laminated timber (DLT), nail-laminated timber (NLT), laminated strand lumber (LSL), parallel strand lumber (PSL), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), mass plywood panel (MPP), timber exoskeleton (timber beams crossing the facade of the building), integrally-attached timber plate structures, tuned mass damper, permeable concrete pavement, ultra-low carbon concrete, artificial intelligence + BIM property management machine learning (real-time statistics = 5G, IoT, big data, cloud computing), Gaiola Pombalina, volume calculation for automated project productivity analysis and reporting, 3D cut/fill maps, half-timbered construction, autonomous self-sustainable intelligent ultra luxury house, computational design and computer-aided manufacturing processes for advanced construction, parametric design, mineral wool for an innovative underground water management system, self-shaping timber, rainwater retention and infiltration, bricklaying robot for onsite masonry construction, double skin tubular arch system, timber-concrete hybrid modular construction system, vernacular architecture, funicular construction system (tension-only or compression-only), tensegrity structure (a system of isolated components under compression inside a network of continuous tension, and arranged in such a way that the compressed members - usually bars or struts, do not touch each other while the prestressed tensioned members - usually cables or tendons, delineate the system spatially), smart slab and dynamic casting, spatial timber assembly, lightweight translucent facades, Morlaix style staircase, roof waterproofing with water, mechanical concrete, hypar shell concrete structures, Paternoster style elevator, glulam dome structures, thin-shell concrete dome structures and Zeiss-Dywidag system, ancient earthquake proofing (shinbashira and dougong), ultra-thin curved concrete roof system, microalgae-powered building (photobioreactor facade), CFRTP strand rods for seismic reinforcement (thermoplastic carbon fiber composite), GFRP glass fiber reinforced polymer rebar, epoxy rebar, nano-polypropylene fibers, copper oxidation, intelligent solutions for heavy construction, rain harvesting systems, self-compacting concrete, vegan friendly building materials, blandscaping, AI in construction takeoff and cost estimating, construction investment risk analysis and insurance, property risk management, deconstruction and IoM Internet of Materials, urban mining, computational fluid dynamics, algorithm-based linear asset management (LAM), PAS 2080 (carbon management in buildings and infrastructure), GPT-4 generative pre-trained transformer, mobile fall protection anchor, construction dust suppression system, dust barrier system, miasm, large-format construction technique, positioning system for deep foundation machines, crystallization heating (ice buffer), rebar tying drones, semi-autonomous mobile ceiling-drilling robot, construction site lighting tower, patented integration technique of linking air, steel and concrete in a two-way structural slab, holographic contactless touch for elevators, self-cleaning surfaces, equivalent clean air flow, ULPA ultra-low particulate air filter, local airport and private jet access, local lifestyle and healthcare, medical evacuation and repatriation, control of infectious aerosols, property disinfection, property maintenance and insurance, maintaining and increasing the value of the ultra luxury real estate, predictive maintenance, UWB ultra-wideband, structural health monitoring, landscape and interior design, home furnishing and appliances, smart home, security, BNT biodiversity net gain, RAMS egineering (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety), raising seawater and groundwater, SBTi science based targets initiative, digitizing material passport for sustainable construction projects, PODD post-occupancy data devices, geomodelling, CDEW construction, demolition and excavation waste, recycled concrete, DfMA design for manufacture and assembly, AAD advanced anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge and energy-rich biogas, runoff management system, reforestation and afforestation, ICW integrated constructed wetlands, peatland restoration, NFM natural flood management, blue roofs, biodiversity and brown roofs, SuDS sustainable drainage systems (retention ponds, detention basins, swales, rain gardens, soakaways, infiltration trenches, tree pits), pocket parks, urban blue and green networks, biophilic design principles, green or living walls and vertical gardens, sand dunes, saltmarsh and mudflat, mangroves, beach replenishment, living shorelines. Someone will always find a way to offer a low-quality service, but it is a path to the bottom. Being first at the bottom is bad, and being second at the bottom is even worse. The path to the top has more sense to me. It's fun to be on the mountaintop where it's nice, but you have to get there. I focus on quality and integrity. Client loyalty is achieved through consistent service that generates trust. I compete on service and experience. It’s being distinct, leaving an impression on clients with each interaction. Many companies don’t have the patience to demonstrate value to those that need it. My company contributes to the sustainable progress of society. The ego considers patience a vice, not a virtue. Patience is too slow for the majority.

You could ignore the quality in ultra luxury, but you shouldn't ignore the possible outcomes of ignoring that reality. Premium building materials have a long life cycle, a sense of stability and maintain high ultra luxury real estate long-term value.

With a spirit of excellence, I'm going the extra mile, knowing that the quality of my work is a reflection of the quality of my character. My clients are looking for unique performers. They want a company that can deliver something better than anyone else. I'm not one of many who does a simple commodity job. I'm doing unique work that most people don't like. Yes, I'm not here for most people. Just for some people. I'm delivering what others can't, so therefore I'm different. Residential architecture and structural engineering knowledge meet ultra luxury lifestyle. Unique, uncommon and memorable. A premium consulting service with diligence and kindness. It's not my goal to persuade you to buy any property. I'm enriching the lives of my clients and making the world a better place. That's how I deserve clients' loyalty.

The history of the Villa [handpicked by Alen]: The Villa Doria Pamphili is a seventeenth-century villa with what is today the largest landscaped public park in Rome, Italy. It is located in the quarter of Monteverde, on the Gianicolo (or the Roman Janiculum), just outside the Porta San Pancrazio in the ancient walls of Rome where the ancient road of the Via Aurelia commences. It began as a villa for the Pamphili family and when the line died out in the eighteenth century, it passed to Prince Giovanni Andrea IV Doria and has been known as the Villa Doria Pamphili since. The initial design had a central casino (a house in the original meaning of the term) with wings, but only the central block was built. There is uncertainty as to who the architect was; Algardi was not an architect, and it may be that he had help from Carlo Rainaldi and that the construction was supervised by Grimaldi. The layout has a central circular room around which the other rooms were arranged. Construction began in 1645 and was complete by 1647 although embellishments and the garden layouts were not finished until 1653. The casino, sometimes known as the Casino del Bel Respiro, was designed as a complement to the Pamphili collection of sculptures both ancient and modern and other Roman antiquities such as vases, sarcophagi and inscriptions; it was only ever intended for the display of the collection and the family and guests resided in the older Vecchia Vigna. The exterior containing statues gives a rich allure that was architecturally somewhat conservative for its date, looking back towards the Villa Medici or the Casina Pio IV, and rather more Mannerist than Baroque. It offered a foretaste of the richly stuccoed and frescoed interiors, where the iconographic program set out to establish the antiquity of the Pamphili, a family then somewhat parvenu in Rome, with origins in Gubbio. Inside, Algardi provided further bas-reliefs and stucco framing for the heroic frescoes drawn from Roman history painted by Grimaldi. When Girolamo Pamphili died in 1760 without male heirs, the disputes which broke out among the possible heirs were settled in 1763 when Pope Clement XIII Rezzonico granted to Prince Giovanni Andrea IV Doria the right to take the surname, the arms and the vast properties of the Pamphili; the Prince's claim was based on the marriage between Giovanni Andrea III Doria and Anna Pamphili. Since then, the villa has been known as the Villa Doria Pamphili.

I don't base my consulting on personal gain but on wisdom and character. The majority expects everything to be easy and fast, but there is no substitute for hard and patient work. The minority I serve understands that. The majority don't have the capacity for betterment. The majority like the status quo and just live on the Earth, but the minority live, cherish and change the Earth. Honesty guides good people. An ultra luxury brand based on integrity and purpose is rare. Integrity is the foundation of character. It's about having the moral courage to do the right thing and having the ability to engage in ethically correct behavior, regardless of external pressures. Ultra luxury real estate you purchase or build isn't just for you but for future generations. The decisions we make don't affect just ourselves but our children and grandchildren. When you are tempted to compromise and take the easy way, know that the right choice will benefit future generations. Every time you go the extra mile is an investment for your future. The "seventh generation principle" is based on an ancient philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. Longtermism is the view that positively influencing the long-term future is a main moral priority of our time. Generational wealth is the transfer of assets passed down from one generation to the next, which safeguards the family's future wealth. It ensures family members begin to accumulate wealth as early as possible. It can also help to ensure older family members maintain their living standards during retirement while setting up younger family members for future financial security. Building lasting wealth involves creating a plan. Your wealth should last beyond three generations, but your family's character and purpose should last forever. When your family roots are deep enough and not superficial, every unexpected challenge is manageable. The sense of mission is our greatest resource. A purpose creates meaning in our circumstances. "Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone's task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it. A man who becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward a human being who affectionately waits for him, or to an unfinished work, will never be able to throw away his life. He knows the "why" for his existence, and will be able to bear almost any "how". Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. A man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible." - Viktor Frankl. He believed that humans are motivated by something called a "will to meaning", which is the desire to find meaning in life. He argued that life can have meaning even in the most miserable circumstances and that the motivation for living comes from finding that meaning. I am incomparable and different, and therefore my clients are also different. Not everyone knows, and not everyone can offer more than mediocrity. It is an opportunity for us who know and want to do better. Everyone knows how to provide the minimum. However, few companies know how to offer maximal supreme service to their clients. Racing to lure many clients probably means you’re not investing sufficiently in change. When you offer services to many, you’re not making a change. It's easy to lure the masses because it requires no deep thinking. Luxury real estate is very different from ultra luxury real estate. Many people can afford luxury real estate. But, ultra luxury lifestyle is intended just for a few. And The Carlovich is, too. Selling ultra luxury real estate is too easy. I have a different consultancy approach based on structural engineering and architecture knowledge, a sense for ultra luxury residential design, kindness and experience. I got a commendation for achievement and academic excellence. My graduate thesis about choosing the optimal construction technology has won the first award. But I don't like to receive awards. Don't be impressed with my education because it means nothing unless you meet me and decide if I'm a person with character and if I'm a person that you can truly trust. Clients with character always like to work with companies with character, and the reverse is also true - a company with character loves to serve clients with character. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. The wise man understands that he knows nothing. In short, he realizes that there is so much more to learn than what he already knows, that to declare he knows everything he needs to know is ignorance at its finest. The best expert is always acting like the beginner because in the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few. There is always a reason to learn something new. Why? Because through learning, we are able to better ourselves, and from here better the world around us. The more you know, the less confident you're likely to be. Experts know how much they don't know and they tend to underestimate their ability. It's easy to be overconfident when you have only a simple idea of how things are. Wise people are full of doubts and that's positive. Being distinctive is a choice, and it’s not an easy one. Because it requires you to stand for something and to serve a specific audience, not everyone. Unfortunately, people evolved our culture to focus on amusement instead of the journey toward better. The remarkable nature of my service is part of the reason people buy it, and the reason they talk about it. I don't work with clients who cannot perceive my value. My company stands for a unique value provided to a unique set of clients. My clients are individuals who don't want to publicly expose their plans about purchasing an ultra luxury property. Due to this, I don't use any social media channels and I never publish where am I travelling for a meeting. I don't write a blog about my business and I don't share anything online. My family don't have any information about the clients. I keep a low profile which is useful to my special clients. I don't film videos about ultra luxury properties. Consultants whose goal is becoming famous tend to look to people for fulfillment and acknowledgment of their status. I prefer a deeper purpose. I prefer to be invisible but invaluable and to help my clients shine. My clients are exceptional history-makers and barrier-breakers. When other people don't know me, I won't draw much attention while my clients are looking for an ideal property. Privacy matters more than my ego. Studies show that we share content online to define ourselves to others and to receive social validation. Only HMRC (His Majesty's Revenue and Customs) can get information about my business and clients. I use neither analytics nor marketing cookies. I don't have or utilise website analytics in any way. I don't know who visited my website, from which countries and how often. I value the privacy of my clients. I sign an NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement with all clients. A safe living environment is one of my top priorities because my clients have legitimate concerns about kidnapping, theft and stalking. I provide a unique solution for a small market and I have the opportunity to do work that is unexpected, generous and original. It won’t be ordinary and will matter. Focusing on the smallest viable audience makes so much more sense than trying to make average stuff for average people. Remarkable is something worth spreading. New, unexpected, emotionally moving and maybe a bit weird or outrageous. It provokes conversation. It's the opposite of boring. Unique, memorable and literally worth talking about. The reasonable people adapt themselves to the world, the unreasonable people persist in trying to adapt the world to themselves. All progress depends on unreasonable people. I'm unreasonable. I disobey wisely and it's intelligent disobedience. I challenge established norms and conventions. I'm looking to improve upon the status quo. I have an optimal margin of illusion. Grounded, realistic and reasonable ideas have nothing in common with an ultra luxury lifestyle. It's important to note that you either have or do not have the character. It cannot be acquired or learned. I'm showing respect and kindness even to people that don't deserve them, not as a reflection of their character but as a reflection of mine. Character is my greatest virtue I'm proud of. Also, kindness is the most powerful and most underrated agent of human change. Never think of kindness as a weakness because the path to success is the pursuit of wisdom. Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is acknowledging what you don’t know. It's wise to persuade people to do things and make them think it was their own idea. I hope that I have at least briefly brought you closer to my values and what I strive for in my daily work with clients. Being unremarkable is being invisible. If you’re remarkable, likely, some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of being remarkable. Being irresistible is remarkable. Working just with an exclusively small group of clients is remarkable. Being able to pick the clients you want to work with is remarkable. Being popular isn't remarkable. Often, people focus on popularity at the expense of the client's experience. Mediocrity isn't remarkable. I have to make a change and have the boldness to follow what’s in my heart. I'm an outlier. I live my deepest personal values without compromise, and I'm using those values to make life better for others. Unfortunately, compromises are everywhere. People are usually one decision away from compromise. Shortcuts involve compromise. I'm always refusing to compromise and to walk down the same path as everyone else just because everyone else is already doing it. If we accept behaviour that’s unacceptable, we’re compromising. And that’s how we end up with the unacceptable becoming commonplace. Criticism comes to those who stand out. It takes courage to be different and not to compromise. People will try to make you feel weak because you don’t go with the majority. You're uncommon. Ultra luxury is uncommon. Everything uncommon attracts naysayers. Be yourself and uncommon. I've always been uncommon and I'm now. I'm obsessed with high-quality ultra luxury real estate consultancy and I'm not just doing it to make a living. When you have balance in your life, work becomes an entirely different experience. I hope my children and grandchildren will continue the family legacy in knowledge, society betterment, mental stamina, devotion, genuineness, hope, goodwill, esteem, self-actualization, responsibility, accountability, wisdom, clarity, grace, personhood, kindness, empathy, honesty, transparency and the ultra luxury real estate. The Carlovich is the firm for the ages, scrupulously run by the Karlovic family. Don’t listen to people who tell you why you can’t accomplish your ultra luxury goal. If you have the courage of your convictions, you have the confidence to do what you know is right. And finally, are you avoiding finding a high-quality ultra luxury property? You can't control the situation (almost noone offers high-quality ultra luxury properties). But you can control your reaction (firmly deciding you want to purchase a high-quality ultra luxury property). Just because something seems impossible doesn't mean it is. Wanting something to be true does not make it so. Keep aiming high to fulfil your dream. Your ultra luxury dream has to become an obsession, or when difficulties arise, you will quit. You must be willing to struggle to taste the sweet taste of ultra luxury. Are you choosing an ultra luxury property like everyone else is doing? Are you chasing what others offer? You have to do your part and choose the demanding path. You need to be clear about what the problem is. Either you're not interested if the ultra luxury property is of high quality, or you can't find anyone trustworthy to assist you in finding one of high quality. Every problem has a solution. The cost of my solution isn't for everyone. One group of people don't care about the solution, and another group can't afford my solution. I'm the consultant for people that care and that can afford me. But if you choose to buy any ultra luxury property without deep thinking, it's not a problem anymore. So you don't need a solution anymore. When you don’t deal with challenges upstream, you're destined to deal with them down the stream. It's a long-term situation you have to live and deal with every day.

Ultra luxury is an expression of personal taste and style. Don’t let somebody squeeze you into their mould. Listen to other people’s advice, but follow that small voice inside. You're different, and you need something different and better. It's easier to follow the common instructions. Everyone can do it. But, the key component to pathfinding in ultra luxury is a willingness to take the path less travelled. Are you brave, unique and different enough to pick me and to join me? What makes me successful? Money? No. Education? No. Success is a journey. Success is how I continuously live in my passion. Integrity is the foundation that the successful life is built on. For some people, success gives the illusion of competence. I'm successful because I can be picky about whom I choose as my next client. It's a privilege to be able to become fussy. Also, I know that I'm successful because my clients would miss me if I wouldn't exist. My clients brag about using my services. The sameness is not for me. That's marvellous. That's success. Self-discipline enables me to keep going through to great success, despite what others might see as insurmountable odds. The Carlovich is a synonym for knowledge, creativity, talent and helpful ideas. The Carlovich consultancy stands out in the crowd. It's Integrity is the key to influence. You don't deserve just ultra luxury property but a high-quality ultra luxury property. When I tell you something can be better, I get the chance to show you it can be done. Anything meaningful is achieved by moving against the current. I'm creating the meaningful change I believe in. You have to believe it to see it. You can't see it before you believe it. My main intent isn't to sell an ultra luxury property. I don't have to sell anything. I'm not a salesperson. My main goal as an ultra luxury real estate consultant is to help you choose or build and maintain a high-quality ultra luxury property. I'm naturally excellent at what I do. I couldn't have learned this anywhere. Competitive advantage comes from being able to do something others can’t do. A long time ago, I moved away from the red ocean of companies that are competing as a commodity. Not everyone can afford my services. And that's ok. I'm different and not comparable. My services, clients and pricing are unique. I'm unique. You can't find another The Carlovich consultancy. I'm here for a few people, not for many. The act of chasing everyone is keeping you from reaching anyone. I'm not chasing clients. The right clients who belong in my life come to me and stay. Think twice before hiring me because I have very high standards regarding ultra luxury construction quality and we won't find an ideal property immediately. You have to be comfortable with not knowing immediately which ultra luxury property you will eventually purchase. Uncertainty is where possibility exists. We need to keep trying even when we're not seeing the right result instantly. We need to keep doing the right things even when first door is closed. Character is doing the right thing when wrong things happen. Character is doing the right thing despite circumstances. If you aren't willing to keep looking for an ideal ultra luxury property without stopping, even when it seems impossible, you will never find it. It's easy to offer a quick solution when you don't know much about the problem. People usually offer a quick solution to close the sale. Ultra luxury real estate is too costly to choose the easy path. I like demanding work. For majority, it's demanding to stand out and to offer more than usual. If you like easy challenges and quick solutions, I'm not here for you. It's exciting to solve easy challenges, but the excitement lasts shortly. Demanding clients are looking for demanding challenges. Not everyone will be truly dedicated to finding or building an ultra luxury property. The insights about an ultra luxury property I seek are often rarely obvious - to find them, I need to be able to look deeply, to perceive what others are unable to. The Carlovich is the only consultancy firm that connects the ultra-high-net-worth individual with the knowledge of civil engineering, urbanism, the history of residential architecture, residential structural engineering, ultra luxury real estate and ultra luxury lifestyle. More importantly - The Carlovich connects the ultra-high-net-worth individual with me. A high-quality property converted to a home is a prerequisite for an ultra luxury lifestyle. Don't think that home is the place to go when you are tired of being nice to people. Moving into ultra luxury property won’t solve your problems. You’ll just continue to be worried in a prettier place. No one can know where it's going unless it knows exactly where it has been and exactly how it arrived at the present place. You should travel to gain new experiences, but home is always home. Money can buy a house, but not a home. Because home is where the heart is. A home is made of the people you fill it with. In a sense, coming back home gives meaning to going forth. We really don't know where we've been until we've come back to where we were. To our home. Only, where we were may not be as it was because of who we've become. Which is, after all, why we left. That's how we grow. Develop a passion for learning and, you will never cease to grow. Learning is discovering what you don’t know. Learners change the world. Passion without purpose or purpose without passion? It doesn’t work. You need both. But passion without purpose yields the worst results. Your passion is for you, and your purpose is for others. When you use your passion in the service of others, it becomes your purpose. Passion without purpose leads to frustration. Purpose without passion leads to procrastination. Passion with purpose leads to success. Passion is your "what", and purpose is your "why". Passion has its roots in the Latin word "pati", which means "to suffer or endure". At the root of passion is suffering. Great work requires suffering for something beyond yourself.




Ultra luxury with character

Reason, heritage, peculiarity and ethos. I proudly assist my clients in reaching an ideal home. I'm here for you, for a unique client. Ultra luxury property's external and internal appearance are deceptive: "L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

I don't use either analytics or marketing cookies because I value your privacy. I don't save your cookie to show you ads later. Everything but the character can be taken away. People usually can't imagine that there is someone out there with the character. Someone who knows to make the world a better place without cookies. Without tracking the client. Who says a company can't be caring, different, wise and fair? You thought that firms with character don't exist anymore? Yes, they exist but are rare. Rarity attracts rarity. The Carlovich is proudly rare like its ultra luxury clients are. Copyright © 2011 - 2023 Alen Karlovic, structural engineer. All rights reserved.