Civil engineering consulting when buying a luxury property in Croatia. We're useful, remarkable and worth seeking out. Work that makes the world better. We spend significantly more time consulting clients than anyone else thinks is reasonable. Our five offices are always available. Kindness since 1985 and expertise since 2015.

Carlovich Engineering Group is a centre of excellence in Croatia for civil engineering, luxury real estate, building materials and construction technology consulting. 3 employees in Seattle, 4 in Boston, 12 in London, 14 in Rijeka and 8 in Zagreb. We're building a world worth living in.

We offer 3D imaging of the interior and exterior of all properties you are considering for purchase. In this way you can easily choose a property, especially if you are not in Croatia.

Carlovich Engineering Group FC Office, Finsbury Circus 25, London

Due to the high-quality of service and personal approach, we accept only two new clients per month. We don't sell real estate but we help you choose the best one for you. Often the best decision may be not to buy a property. Our honest advice will be useful to you. We aren't affiliated with property developers or real estate agents so we are neutral. We sign an NDA non-disclosure agreement with our clients.

We often advise our clients the following: "Don't buy the selected property because the location, construction technology or investor is of questionable quality. Let's go together in search of something better - a property that we would also choose to buy for ourselves." We're saving you from a bad investment and it's not our goal to persuade you to buy any property.

  • Real estate

    Ä2.500,00 + VAT

    price per one hour

    civil engineering consulting

    Carlovich premium service

    A civil engineering coordinator between you, seller, realtor, lawyer and tax expert

    Leave the advice on choosing a new apartment or house in Croatia to us. We are with you in all phases with an emphasis on construction quality, building materials and construction technology. We help you for as long as it takes until you find your ideal property. Our clients are mostly from the USA.

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  • Premium care

    Ä52.000,00 + VAT

    annual membership fee

    exclusive private club

    for Carlovich clients only

    We're proud of our highest professional level of real estate maintenance in Croatia

    All our clients can become a member of the Carlovich Premium Care club. In this way, we are always available to them for any advice they will need in Croatia after buying a property. We place special emphasis on assistance with property maintenance and the selection of construction systems.

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  • + Mazars

    Tax & real estate

  • + Kallay

    Law & real estate

A business without purpose isn't a useful business. If you're looking for the cheapest service, then we are not a good choice for you. The correct advice is invaluable.

My name is Alen Karlovic. I was born in 1985 and I've attended high school Gymnasium Andrija Mohorovicic (science and math). Also, I've graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Rijeka (Master's degree in structural engineering). I completed an additional specialization in construction project management at Columbia and Michigan University. I am the originator of the participation of Croatian faculties of civil engineering in the competition in the construction of low-energy houses Solar Decathlon, Washington DC. In 2011, the company Ytong chose my graduate thesis "The optimal technology selection for a family house construction" as the best of all civil engineering faculties in Croatia. Since 2016 in England, I have been a visiting lecturer in the field of the application of generative construction, generative architecture, artificial intelligence and new technologies in project management. For five years I was directly involved in the management of luxury housing complexes in London. I'm primarily engaged in consulting in the field of building materials and luxury real estate. I'm interested in new construction technologies, geotechnics, soil mechanics, foundations, construction organization and technology, structures, project management, 7D planning, urbanism and residential architecture. I'm actively monitoring all scientific research in the field of civil engineering. Also, in Europe, I was the first to introduce organic milk paint (Groton, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) for wood and interior walls. A special team of associates is dedicated exclusively to this and has been successfully serving satisfied customers for years.

"The wise man understands that he knows nothing. In short, he realizes that there is so much more to learn than what he already knows, that to declare he knows everything he needs to know is ignorance at its finest. There is always a reason to learn something new. Why? Because through learning, we are able to better ourselves, and from here better the world around us. For knowledge is not meant to be for our own personal gain, but for the gain of community as a whole. Being distinctive is a choice, and itís not an easy one. Because it requires you to stand for something and to serve a specific audience, not everyone. Unfortunately, people evolved our culture to focus on amusement instead of the journey toward better. When you create an excellent company, the remarkable nature of your service is part of the reason people buy it, and the reason they talk about it."

DSc Alen Karlovic, MSc Civil Eng., Founder & CEO

Civil & Structural Engineer, Construction Project Manager

+44 20 8157 7347


Did you know that the beginnings of our journey date back to 1920? Namely, it's the year of birth of my grandmother Klara. It was her legacy that helped me start a meaningful company and show my qualities in my own way.

Are you interested in becoming a member of our team in Rijeka, Zagreb, London, Boston or Seattle? Great, we are honoured that you consider us a desirable place to develop your career. Feel free to send us an email with a short text of why you would like to join us. No need to send a resume. Our employees receive the highest salaries in the sector of construction consulting companies and are constantly educated because only in this way can we attract the best people. Without satisfied employees, no company has a future.

Our scientific departments of excellence


    Geology, soil and rock mechanics, shallow and deep foundations, foundation reinforcement, supporting structures


    Water supply and sewerage, hydromechanics, hydraulics, urban hydrology, drinking water and wastewater treatment


    Concrete, masonry, wood, steel, composite, prefabricated and prestressed structures, seismic engineering


    New building materials and testing, concrete theory and technology, building physics, renovations and reinforcements


    Organization, technology and construction monitoring, 5D planning, tools and machines, project management


    Solid mechanics and building statics, dynamics and stability, theory of elasticity and plasticity, finite element method

Building materials and systems

Mortars for leveling, gluing and reinforcement, polymer cement 1K and 2K waterproofing, reinforcing mesh, thermal insulation, EPS, XPS, stone and glass mineral wool, fasteners, gypsum plasterboard, sealants, impregnation, silicate, acrylic, mineral and silicone plaster, screed, sealing tapes, grouts, floor coverings, RAL installation of windows and doors, epoxy floor systems, polyurea, crystalline waterproofing, ecological building materials, mortars for removal of organic volatile substances, accumulations and retentions, drainage, geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, thermal insulation based on cork, adhesive for sanded brick, grouting walls and foundations, underground garages and staircases, white ceiling and roof, corrosion protection, dry and pumped concrete, waterproofing PVC and TPO membranes, polyurethane self-expanding prefabricated foam, grouting mortar, reinforcement protection, drying plasters, one-way woven carbon fiber fabric, grouting, carbon fiber anchors, chimneys, concrete maturity, polyurethane waterproofing, grouting pipe for waterproofing concrete working joints, infiltration and retention blocks, foundation pillow, drains, channels, separators, installation walls, plug connection for multilayer composite pipes, cementitious crystalline waterproofing mortar, crystallizing powder waterproofing system for concrete, positive and negative waterproofing, elasticizing synthetic dispersion for universal application in mortars, plasters, waterproofing coatings and concrete, concentrated solvent-free synthetic resin to perform capillary moisture interruption in walls, waterproofing membrane based on ECB ethylene copolymer bitumen with glass reinforcing mesh

Brick and aerated concrete, multipor, formwork systems and scaffolding, roof covering, thermal insulation elements, reinforcement, elastomeric bearings, dowels, non-return valves, water supply and drainage systems, lightning protection system, dry and wet hydrant network, concrete additives, superplasticizers, aerants, accelerators, retarders, paints for interior and exterior walls, repair geomortar, micro reinforcement fibers, capillary lifting repair, breathable mortars for plastering and repair, thermo-dehumidifying bio - plaster with thermal cells, sound insulation, pits, masonry mortar, roof coverings and windows, soil reinforcement with expansive resin, facade bricks, ceiling systems, flat and green roof, sprayed concrete for renovation, concrete care, seals for working and expansion joints, fire seals, FRP and FRCM system reinforcements, carbon, glass, aramid and basalt reinforcement fibers, pultruded carbon fiber strips for structural reinforcements, alkali-resistant mesh for textile reinforcement of plasters, swelling bands based on bentonite or elastomer, two-component resin for crack injection, foam concrete, self-compacting concrete, ceiling, wall and column formwork, hybrid lifting stations, pipe system with movable sleeves, aluminum roof panel, chemically reactive liquid hardener, suspended plasterboard systems, piping systems for water supply and wastewater, mineral, sulphate-resistant waterproofing system for sealing water under pressure, two-component injection fluid for creating a horizontal barrier in the wall, strengthening and consolidating masonry structures, elastic two-component polyurethane resin for crack injection and pipe injection

Carlovich Engineering Group FC Office, Finsbury Circus 25, London

If you work overtime to offer mediocre services to non-demanding clients, consider an alternative and serve the most interested and demanding clients with outstanding services

  • Exactness

    We're focused on details and you won't find another team similar to us. Please prepare yourself for the best in class service.

  • Insurance

    Our team cooperates with Allianz insurance company. It's the best insurance for your property and it's not the cheapest one.

  • Legal team

    It's important to have high-quality law experts. We cooperate with a law firm Kallay & Partners, so you can always count on us.

  • Construction

    Construction workers are always ready to help. The cheapest worker isn't the best option so we should choose wisely.

  • Technology

    We use technology like mobile application for clients, drone inspection, AR and capturing 360° photos for maintenance

  • Experience

    We're experts in the field of building materials and construction, so we can always give proper advice regarding your property

  • Sun analysis

    Generative analysis of sunlight shows how the position of the sun affects the quality of life in your residential building

  • Wind analysis

    By detailed generative wind analysis you can see which wind currents are causing discomfort in your apartment building

Carlovich Engineering Group FC Office, Finsbury Circus 25, London

  • Business bank

    Our team decided to cooperate with the Erste bank. The property owner signs all bills online. It's very convenient.

  • Monitoring

    Extraordinary events are not a problem. We monitor with sensors and cameras and react in case of fire, flood or burglary.

  • Digital signature

    Decisions regarding the building are signed by the owner with a digital certificate. In that way, all decisions are valid.

  • Online meeting

    We organize online meetings with the owner, lawyer, craftsmen and construction experts through the application

  • Corrosion

    Real-time mapping of corrosion rate contours of reinforced concrete structures, electrical resistance and corrosion potential

  • Blower Door

    Blower Door testing should also be considered when buying a property. Determines airtightness and construction quality.

  • Digital twin

    Collecting and visualizing data during the building lifecycle and generating a real-time interactive model of the property

  • Home handyman

    In case of need for intervention, we organize the arrival of the handyman: plumber, locksmith, glazier, electrician

  • Thermography

    With a camera we detect the location of water penetration. Construction works are performed in a targeted manner.

  • Utilities

    The device locates the exact position of underground installations. No more digging by heart and unnecessary work.

  • Body cam

    A complete tour of your facility and all works are recorded with a special camera. Full transparency is very important to us.

  • Carlovich Pulse

    By installing a panic button, you can give family members and us a sign of the need for emergency medical intervention

  • Inspection

    By drone, we regularly control all non- and load-bearing elements of the building with a special focus on the roof structure

  • Water leakage

    We constantly monitor the water supply system in your facility and detect even the smallest water leaks from the pipes in real-time


Carlovich Engineering Group FC Office, Finsbury Circus 25, London

We take care of your property like it's ours because it's time for something better and fairer. Your real estate deserves knowledge and fairness & more than just standard service. We don't offer a combination of high quality service and the lowest price.

Our meeting offices. We come to you!

We pay great attention to the protection against coronavirus. All communication takes place online, and in case of need for direct contact we use protective measures: FFP3 mask, disinfectant and gloves. In June 2021, we were vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19 disease.

Carlovich Engineering Group FC Office, Finsbury Circus 25, London

"We hope that we have at least briefly brought you closer to our values, opinions and what we strive for in our daily work with clients. If you don't choose us, we are free to offer you a piece of well-intentioned educational advice. In this way, you will always be satisfied that you have learned something on our website. When buying a new apartment, try to choose a building built of brick (Wienerberger, Unipor, Leipfinger Bader) or aerated concrete (Ytong). If that isn't possible, please choose a building in which the load-bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete, and the non-load-bearing structure is made of brick or aerated concrete. If the whole building is exclusively a reinforced concrete structure with plasterboard partition walls, we would not recommend you buying such an apartment."

Remarkable is something worth spreading. New. Unexpected. Emotionally moving. A real wow. Maybe a bit weird or outrageous. It provokes conversation. It's the opposite of boring. Unique, memorable and literally worth talking about. The reasonable people adapt themselves to the world, the unreasonable people persist in trying to adapt the world to themselves. Therefore all progress depends on unreasonable people. It's important to note that you either have or do not have the exactness and the character. It cannot be acquired or learned. The exactness and the character are our greatest virtues that we nurture and are extremely proud of. Kindness is the most powerful and most underrated agent of human change.

A service with kindness

Alen Karlovic, MSc Civil Engineer

"Someone will always find a way to offer lower prices, but it is a race to the bottom. The race to the top has more sense for us. We focus on quality and integrity. Customer loyalty is achieved through consistent service that generates trust."